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Very skinny models

Ann Mary

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Caroline and Raquel are both very healthy looking. they have incredible bodies, really.

that pic of Bianca is just disturbing. tragic looking. but she managed to get over it, apparently. cause she looked great at the VS show last year.

Andrea Staccu or however it's spelled. ... she's the one thats like, "WHOA!" for me. extreeeeeeme thin, bordering on near-death, i think. why on earth anyone would want her modelling their clothes is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

give me KK or Gisele anyday.

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I think skinny skinny models are gross. I can never enjoy the clothes because they're legs and arms look so disgusting. Thin is okay, like Lily C. or Caroline T. but thin like Vlada and some of the girls we see today is gross. I think no one really enjoys the clothes looking at those girls.

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every vogue issue this month is focusing on the debate of super skinny models. If you ask me Vogue should write about it and NOT let a super skinny girl pose for their layouts. It's like they are contridicting themselves by saying how bad it is and then having a huge layout of the girls they were just talking about.

that's true, but vogue exists to sell magazines. their editors can complain about this, and that, but the truth is that people who buy fashion magazines aren't disgusted by really skinny models.... they still buy the magazines. Vogue editors have to satisfy *those peoples* beliefs, not their own beliefs. :whistle:

we can complain about these kinds of models, but have any magazines which dedicated toward having only "normal" models succeeded? I dont know for sure, but I'm guessing no. Because magazines like vogue and Elle and W *are* successful, and that's a fact. If their readers hated the content, they wouldnt buy the magazines and keep them in business. OK, those mags to some extent can try to tell readers what they "should" like, but at the end of the day the buyers have to say its okay. Either they're not disgusted... Or they actually prefer such models. ;)

its easy to blame magazine editors (or anyone else who is in charge of decison making, at any private company), but the real responsibility lies, always lies, with the people who buy their stuff. Does vogue make its reader's "happy" or secure with themselves? it doesnt matter. vogue makes its readers want to pay out their money, and thats all that counts as far as what the editors can do. :) They can try to force people to want only "normal" sized models, but if the buyers are really opposed this idea, then it would not work, and the mags will go out of business. :( People can be told what to like, only if they consent to being told what to like.... up to a point, they'll just say no. :laugh:

The current situation is dependant on the fact that the fashion industry's consumers don't care enough to change the situation. Good luck to anyone who wants to try to convinve people to change things, though. :) :wave:

...whew, sorry i went on to long, i hope my opinion makes sorta sense :)

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i really dont think people have much say on the models that become succesful...they are shoved down people's throats by the "decision makers"...and it tends to be that once a girl is used for a big job they just keep using her and using her.....the girls dont eat so they fit the clothing....the designers makes the clothing the size it is. I think that vogue doesnt really use ana's to much in their magazine...like they mostly use coco, caroline, raquel...its the ads and the runways that use the sick girls....the problem is its such a fine line between healthy naturaly skinny and sick skinny since everyone is different. Their is lots of 16 year old girls on the runway that are size double 00 just becuase thats their natural weight at that age. So how do you decide because BMI doesnt work very well. But just because their not anorexic still doesnt mean people want to see mroe of them....they want girls with some pidow!

But i also believe that people have stood up against the modeling industry...since they hardly ever use models anymore. I really dont think people care much about models because their not "hot"...they would rather look at body types similar to theirs like beyonce and jessica. I mean they put celebs on the magazine covers (beyonce) because people will buy it just for the celeb on the cover...i dont think snejana onopka is going to move to many copies of american vogue compared to angelina....so i think people have stood up...but now its time to bring the real models back....the ones that work it!

lol broken record much :cain: :blush:

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