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Very skinny models

Ann Mary

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please post pics of models who are looking ..... skinny, thin and fragile

Well, actually I don't see the point in that. I mean, is there anyone really interested in seing pictures of emanciated people (worse: emanciated people who are emanciated on purpose)? That would be like "please post pics of ugly people" or "post pics of horrible accidents."

As for the pics, I think they're photoshopped; there's this guy who does that for fun is and frightenly good at making healthy looking models look gaunt and emanciated. I resently saw an edited photo of Carrie-Ann Moss (y'know, the matrix chick) and just when I wanted to start a "Feed her" campain it turned out to be a fake.

But if you really wanna see anorexics, try google. I'm sure you can find enough skeleton pics there.

(I probably sound harsh and unfriendly here, but I'm kinda fed up with the worlds obession around weight and looks of models and famous people. <_< Every mag I see, there's another discussion about MK losing a 10th of a pound or a new statement about Nicole Ritchie resembling Gollum. Yeah, been there, seen that.... Doesn't mean ofcourse that it shouldn't be different, but us talking about it and posting pics won't cure those who have the disorder.)

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I think the point in this thread is to show the ugly side in fashion industry :idk:

Yeah, but isn't the ugly side of the fashion industry already the most debated topic at this time? The stereotype image of a model is someone who is beatiful, but starves herself to look that way. The people who know that that isn't neccesarily true are the ones who are either involved in the industry or are interested in it, like we are. And the majority of those who don't know much about it have the mentioned image in their heads.

The ugly side of this industry has so much coverage already, why start a new thread about it? I only know Vlada bacause of her pointed out skinnyness by other people. Same thing goes for Hana. Never heard of the two, until people started posting pics on how thin they were/are.

Still, if you think it should be done, do it. This is just my opinion.

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