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  1. Ahhh! Yoona is your avatar! Ahahaha xD What's up?!?! ^^

  2. And Cypress pulls it off again! I present you Doutzen Kroes: Supermodel Obsessions Interview, etc. Thanks to BahianChic for capping it for me. Thanks girl Video Height: 640 | Width: 480 (WideScreen) Format: WMV | Length: 4 mins 1 sec Download Links Sendspace | MegaUpload
  3. Doutzen was just on The Daily 10. Nothing to special. They just mentioned that Obsessions was launching today. Oh and yeah... they pronounced her name wrong <_<
  4. Well since I don't know what other anime's to watch, I started watching J-Drama's since last week and it's awesome! I've only watched 2: Zettai Kareshi (Aboslute Boyfriend) I've read the manga too and both the TV Drama & manga made me cry And the other is Attention Please! Ueto Aya is soo adorable! ^^
  5. For some reason I'm having a feeling that VK will only last 1 season Anyways, I just read the new chapter of Bleach and thank god they're back to the Aizen arc. So maybe after the Lurichiyo arc in the anime, it'll go back to the Aizen arc also
  6. Yeah, I used to go to Bleachexile to get my eps but I like torrents better so I go to dattebayo.com to get my Bleach & Naruto Shippuuden episodes since they're the fansubbing team that subs them And btw: Vampire Knight - Episode 11 is now available! Torrent | Megaupload
  7. Nice. And OMG you have a Hitsugaya set Btw --->
  8. E! News & Daily 10 capped by me E!News segment is the same one that BahianChic captured. I just thought I'd put it in with the Daily 10 since it was really short. ...
  9. Oh I did. I downloaded all 10 episodes yesterday and finished all 10 episode right around midnight Then I downloaded the manga earlier today But yeah, everytime I'd hear "Zero", I'm reminded of "Zero" from Code Geass. Both Zero's are great though I stopped reading the manga since the "Turning back the Turn Back The Pendulum" arc started. It looked like a filler at the time So now I don't know what the heck is going on. Even in the anime... They need to get back to the Aizen arc. But I was happy that they finally showed Yoruichi on Wednesday's episode
  10. ^^ Well, BahianChic and I are teaming up again to capture the entertainment shows to see if they bring this FANTASTIC news up (and they better do!)
  11. Ahhh congrats to Adri!!! You can count on me! Well, I hope someone can capture Extra because I love E!
  12. Holy freakin' shxt :| This place has turn into Vampire Knight/Bleach thread No problems here though. I love Bleach but I haven't watched VK even though it has a lot of my favorite seiyuu's in it
  13. :heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADRIANA! :heart:
  14. Gah, my love for t.A.T.u has come back! Their new songs "Beliy Plaschik (White Robe)" and "220" are so awesome! Beliy Plaschik (White Robe) Video Live in Moscow 2008 "220" Live in Moscow 2008 Interview after the performance And they're dancing again! I can't wait for their new album to drop & their movie too! Though I'm still surprised that Mischa Barton is the main character in it :|
  15. Adriana makes #21 on the FHM sexiest list. Even though Alessandra beat her by being #15, Adriana beat out Gisele who was #22 Issue on sale now! Source: http://www.fhm.com/site/100sexiest/topten/one.aspx <--- 100 - 11 List is on the right side.
  16. Errrr...... I love Doutzen's eyes too but I just love Adri's eyes waaaay more. So Adri x3.
  17. James! Are we ever going to have Ilze back??
  18. Welcome back Ali! I missed you! Now, we just have to get Dianne back here
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