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  1. Agua Bendita SS2013 preview with Izabel Goulart and Iryna Shaik
  2. She said she shooted yesterday in NY with Mario Testino as a Pin Up! Cant wait to see this! :wub2:
  3. Izabel Goulart and Anderson Silva - Revista Veja this pictures should be much better! The edition is terrible .. i mean, it looks like her legs belongs to Anderson!
  4. really? where did you heard this?
  5. Izabel Goulart 5 Joan Smalls 2.5 Emily Didonato 3.7 Nataniele Ribiero 3.5 Pania Rose 0
  6. thank you Nefertiti! i was looking for this cover! She was very apprehensive with this cover, cause she knew it would be half naked pictures and the photographer, Bob Wolfenson, was very kind and choose with her wich picture should be the cover. Lovely !
  7. Izabel is in a new secret project with Victoria's Secret. Probably some new line 'By Izabel Goulart'.
  8. Happy Birthday sweetie!

  9. Lyon

    Happy Birthday Julia

  10. Priscila Darolt - Summer 2012, SP
  11. Great news! Izabel shooted a editorial for French Vogue, MUSE cover aaaaand ......... GIVENCHY CAMPAIGN! Im so happy for her, i knew this was coming! I love Givenchy and wanna see something like Adriana Lima's campaign .. out of her comfort zone.
  12. loooooooooooooooove Vman! Thank you for posting! (still cant forgive myself for being at Ipanema at the same time that she was shooting this .. and didnt know she was there ) Ricardo Tisci sent this outfit from Paris to her at the same day of AMFAR. If Ricador Tisci sends you something like that i think you should better wear and i like it, i was getting bored of the 'same' tiny dresses. ps: today i'll meet her at Monange again. wohooooo!
  13. amazing editorial! the first picture is my fav one, but the feets bothers me a lot! The stylist didnt notice how weird are her toes on that shoes?
  14. cute video from SI http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1RFMvw/sport...art-rookie.html
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