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I AM the Biggest fan revival


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I guess most of you remember this competition from before:


I started it but did not finish. My mistake, many things happened IRL and I was not able to do it. I want to start anew, as I think there are many new faces now that are slowly gaining more and more fans. It would be interesting to see them all. AND it would be different to the Celebrity Scoop thing, but if we can get the same results... whoa, that would be really something :laugh:

So, a quick reminder.

I was thinking about making a new pole..and this idea occured to me just a moment ago. You know, a winner of this competition won´t be the most beautiful, the best, the cleverest, the best or the most talented, it would be the one with the MOST amount of fans here. In every poll, you´re supposed to vote unbiased, now, HERE you MUST vote totally biased by your fav
I assure when a round will be on, I go to threads of both women and let them know they can vote for their fav

So, the rules are simple.

1, There will be 100 nominations.

2, In every round, 4 women competing.

3, You will have 10 votes to split. You can split them however you want, no matter if you will give them all to one or split them into more women. If you want, you can give even less than 10 votes, e.g.

Alessandra Ambrosio (3) (I´m not such a fan to give her 5, but I like her too)

Leticia Zuloaga (0) (not a fan)

Adriana Lima (0) (not a fan)

Gisele Bundchen (0) (not a fan)


Alessandra Ambrosio (1)

Leticia Zuloaga (2)

Adriana Lima (0)

Gisele Bundchen (1)


Alessandra Ambrosio (0)

Leticia Zuloaga (0)

Adriana Lima (10)

Gisele Bundchen (0)

I hope you get it now. You can vote all zero, if you want :laugh:

4. Pictures - I need 6 pictures, you can make your own compilation if you want, or just send me the pics (I will resize them, don´t need to do that) and I´ll make the compilation myself. And tell me if you don´t have time or just don´t want to search for pics, I´ll do that. Just have to tell me.

5. Women of anykind can participate - models, actresses, pornstars, singers, sportswomen...

6. Firstly only 5 nominations for one person, if we don´t fill the spots, I will tell you and you can add more.

7. Voting lenght. I will stop the voting after two or three days. (I think that´s enough for people to vote)

Any suggestions are welcome :)

Competition list:

Adriana Lima (by sagitario) - pictures sent

Aishwarya Rai (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Alejandra Alonso (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Alessandra Ambrosio (by me) - pictures sent

Alyssa Miller (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Ana Beatriz Barros (by sagitario) - pictures sent

Angelina Jolie (by COP11) - pictures sent

Anna Christine Speckhart (by Umbrella Beach) - pictures sent

Bar Refaeli (by sagitario) - pictures sent

Barbara Mori (by COP11) - pictures sent

Barbara Palvin (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Behati Prinsloo (by Umbrella Beach) - pictures sent

Candice Boucher (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Candice Swanepoel (by sagitario) - pictures sent

Catherine McNeil (by me) - pictures sent

Cintia Dicker (by Talisa) - pictures sent

Clara Alonso (by donbot) - pictures sent

Coco Rocha (by me) - pictures sent

Daria Werbowy (by me) - pictures sent

Darla Baker (by donbot) - pictures sent

Dioni Tabbers (by donbot) - pictures sent

Doutzen Kroes (by Talisa) - pictures sent

Du Juan (by me) - pictures sent

Edita Vilkeviciute (by donbot) - pictures sent

Elena Baguci (by me) - pictures sent

Emanuela De Paula (by donbot) - pictures sent

Emily Didonato (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Esti Ginzburg (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Fabiana Semprebom (by donbot) - pictures sent

Fan Bingbing (by COP11) - pictures sent

Gemma Ward (by me) - pictures sent

Georgina Stojiljkovic (by donbot) - pictures sent

Ginta Lapina (by Umbrella Beach) - pictures sent

Gisele Bundchen (by me) - pictures sent

Gong Li (by me) - pictures sent

Gracie Carvalho (by donbot) - pictures sent

Hailey Clauson (by Prettyphile) - pictures sent

Chanel Iman (by me) - pictures sent

Charlbi dean Kriek (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Charlize Theron (by sagitario) - pictures sent

Charlotte Free (by Prettyphile) - pictures sent

Choi Yu Jung (by COP11) - pictures sent

Irina Shayk (by Talisa) - pictures sent

Isabeli Fontana (by sagitario) - pictures sent

Jaime Edmondson (by COP11) - pictures sent

Jenna Haze (by COP11) - pictures sent

Jesse Capelli (by COP11) - pictures sent

Jessica White (by Talisa) - pictures sent

Josephine Skriver (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Josie Maran (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Ju Daha (by COP11) - pictures sent

Juliana Margulies (by COP11) - pictures sent

Julie Ordon (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Kate Upton (by Prettyphile) - pictures sent

Keira Knightley (by sagitario) - pictures sent

Kim Cloutier (by Prettyphile) - pictures sent

Laetitia Casta (by stillinwonderland) - pictures sent

Lana Zakocela (by Prettyphile) - pictures sent

Leticia Zuloaga (by me) - pictures sent

Lisalla Montenegro (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Liu Wen (by stillinwonderland) - pictures sent

Marisa Miller (by me) - pictures sent

Marloes Horst (by donbot) - pictures sent

Maryna Linchuck (by Talisa) - pictures sent

Michea Crawford (by me) - pictures sent

Mila Kunis (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Miranda Kerr (by me) - pictures sent

Nataniele Ribeiro (by me) - pictures sent

Nicole Trunfio (by donbot) - pictures sent

Nina Agdal (by me) - pictures sent

Noemie Lenoir (by stillinwonderland) - pictures sent

Olga Kurylenko (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Pace Wu (by COP11) - pictures sent

Pan Shuanghuag (by COP11) - pictures sent

Pania Rose (by donbot) - pictures sent

Paz Vega (by COP11) - pictures sent

Petra Nemcova (by Gorgeous) - pictures sent

Rachel McAdams (by donbot) - pictures sent

Renata Sozzi (by donbot) - pictures sent

Rosemary Smith (by me) - pictures sent

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (by me) - pictures sent

Salma Hayek (by COP11) - pictures sent

Sandra Kubicka (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Sara Underwood (by COP11) - pictures sent

Sarah Shahi (by COP11) - pictures sent

Sarah Stephens (by donbot) - pictures sent

Sasaki Nozomi (by COP11) - pictures sent

Serinda Swan (by COP11) - pictures sent

Shalom Harlow (by stillinwonderland) - pictures sent

Shanina Shaik (by me) - pictures sent

Shannan Click (by donbot) - pictures sent

Simone Villas Boas (by donbot) - pictures sent

Susan Coffey (by arielle) - pictures sent

Tara Lynn (by me) - pictures sent

Toderici Nicoleta (by arielle) - pictures sent

Tori Praver (by donbot) - pictures sent

Tyra Banks (by me) - pictures sent

Valentina Zelyaeva (by sarnic) - pictures sent

Winter Ave Zoli (by COP11) - pictures sent

Yukina Kinoshita (by COP11) - pictures sent

List is full.

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Alyssa Miller

Josie Maran

Olga Kurylenko

Petra Nemcova

Julie Ordon

Esti Ginzburg

Candice Boucher

can it be combine w/actress or only models?


Mila Kunis

Aishwarya Rai

Um, you might wanna narrow that list down to 5.

6. Firstly only 5 nominations for one person, if we don´t fill the spots, I will tell you and you can add more.

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I can easily find the pictures so why not...

Susan Coffey

Toderici Nicoleta

I send you the pics now (without compilation).

PS: I'm not able to vote totally biased (guess it would be looks-biased) :ninja:

any -biased will be fine :laugh:

Do you want the pictures in thumbnail or direct link ?

anything that will work :)


Alyssa Miller

Josie Maran

Olga Kurylenko

Petra Nemcova

Julie Ordon

Esti Ginzburg

Candice Boucher

can it be combine w/actress or only models?


Mila Kunis

Aishwarya Rai

actresses, models, pornstars.. doesn´t matter as long as it´s woman :whistle: and as Pretty said, only 5 nominations at first, so I´m taking these from you for now:

Alyssa Miller

Josie Maran

Olga Kurylenko

Petra Nemcova

Julie Ordon

keep those others for now, I will open unlimited nominations soon.

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Ok, unlimited nominations are opened.

So I take these others from Gorgeous as nominated:

Esti Ginzburg

Candice Boucher

Mila Kunis

Aishwarya Rai

And I further nominate:

Chanel Iman

Du Juan

Gong Li

Tyra Banks

Alessandra Ambrosio

Daria Werbowy

Nataniele Ribeiro

Coco Rocha

Miranda Kerr

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Shanina Shaik

Michea Crawford

Marisa Miller

Tara Lynn

Catherine McNeil

Gemma Ward

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