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    Playing the piano, keyboard, Rock, Metal, Jpop, Goth, jammin with bands, composing.

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  1. hey! thanks for the birthday wish again its been so long! =D

  2. Happy Birthday, again, haha :p

  3. Demi91


    I came at the right time XD, Adriana is so beautiful. Thanks so much for uploading the pictures, nothingless!
  4. Demi91


    lucky you, I rather have thick eyebrows than thin eyebrows, my brows are so thin i look like i have no brows sometimes :yuckky:
  5. Demi91

    Eyeliner Help

    brown for me, Just looks more natural on my yellowish asian skin. Maybe you can try brown =D
  6. Demi91

    Marilyn Monroe

    wow, i can't even find all these pictures on the net. O_O thanks
  7. Demi91


    =O omg...i love it!!!
  8. Demi91

    Shanina Shaik

    She looks exotic, love her look. beautiful
  9. Demi91

    5 Things I Hate About ME !

    I hate my height I hate my small boobs I hate my whole body I hate that i have pimple prone skin (face and back) I hate my face
  10. Demi91

    Nataliya Piro

    nice, thanks for the pictures! =D
  11. thanks for the bday wish ^_^

  12. Hey I just saw your birthday wish cuz I haven't been on BZ, thanks alot ^_^

  13. 生日快樂:D

  14. Demi91

    Your beauty secret

    I have oily skin so make up is a no no for me, I break out to make up easily. I just use a gentle cleanser and sunblock in the morning, I live in a tropical country, so its summer all year round. my only make up is eyeliner, I like to look pale..hahaha \m/