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  1. happy b day to one of the original members of bz

  2. I know you haven't been here since forever, but I still'd like you wish you Happy Birthday since I saw your avi thousands times and thought it's great :D

  3. greeneyed_lady

    America's Next Top Model

    do you guys then think that the whole thing with her starting out weak and then getting better with every week was part of the plot? i think so. because her first pictures sucked so bad(especially the flower one) that a lot of girls in the past got eliminated for photos that bad but somehow judges knew that she had this POTENTIAL.... blah i saw an interview with her on ET which said her last name is Stowers or something like that. change of name too? seems to scandalous to be true but the facts are there tyra does need to explain something because this can really hurt her
  4. greeneyed_lady

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007 (POST-SHOW THREAD)

    biggest pet peeve everrrrrrrrrr- as mentioned before Heidi klum being everywhere. sorry it's not just about her and her husband. it's really annoying that Seal has to be in every damn show now. he's not that entertaining. sorry another one-angela lindval-someone needs to tie her hands together. she looked possessed and weird and she does the same damn gestures in every show in every walk and it looks so stupid i just want to reach out and slap her. didn't like the fact that it didn't look much like a modeling show. just models doing whatever they want on the catwalk-waving, pointing, doing other random things. i think there should be a limit to that because it seriously is looking more like a circus merely for entertainment and not a FASHION SHOW. i liked karolina -she had just the right amount of poise and flirt in her walk. others went wayyyyyyyy overboard.
  5. greeneyed_lady

    Rachel Smith

    she's not blonde!??omg....
  6. greeneyed_lady

    America's Next Top Model

    i believe it's on CW website. not sure if id recomment it because it stalls a lot but hey if you're really desparate!
  7. greeneyed_lady

    America's Next Top Model

    samantha was the prettiest girl IMO too bad she got kicked out. so far i like britanny and natasha severe dislikes: renee and sarah. renee is a bitch which makes her very unattractive and sarah looks like a bird. if they wanted the plus size girls to win then they should do a better job picking them out. i am sorry but diana is not only VERY avegare looking but she looks way older then 20. i liked cassandra , she was a sweetheart too bad the girl couldn't model if her life depended on it
  8. greeneyed_lady

    Different models, same nacionality.

    this saddens me because i know with the amount of fans she has on here snejana the lifeless will win milla by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, she's far more beautiful, lively and awesome
  9. greeneyed_lady

    The BEST of Bellazon

    cintia actually has a nice pout..but no where near as adri adriana x3
  10. greeneyed_lady

    Beautiful Face Without Heavy Make-up

  11. greeneyed_lady

    Battle of Advertising Campaigns!!!

    adriana for all 3. and this time i'm actually very proud to vote for her because hers eds are waaaaaaaaaay better. she's such a sexy mamacitaaaaaaa