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  1. baaaah, she did nudes, so sad lonneke! althought im really excited for some more H&M ads
  2. sometimes her face looks too manly, but i usually just think she has amazing bone structure
  3. yey for taylor! shes a classic beauty, but with cute flaws
  4. oh man, i saw her in teen vogue a while ago. Then i wanted to know who she was sooo bad, thanks a lot Rogue! I wonder how she stays so pale, but keeps her skin looking so flawless.
  5. I like Venezuela and Mexico the best. Japan really isnt that nice looking without makeup on, her face kind of lacks dimensions too
  6. in my personal opinion i think her nose is very caucasian and maybe its just her eye makeup but her eyes look round instead of almond shaped
  7. thanks a lot mickiala! does anyone else think that her features are more western than east asian?
  8. does anyone have a picture of miss korea?
  9. heres an eye with a unique seafoam green color i couldnt find any bigger pictures
  10. they all have amazing cheekbones and lips!
  11. ohh thats really interesting jakstat i always thought it was because a mixing between a dominant gene, brown hair with a recessive gene, blue eyes is seen as exotic or unusual and that somehow appeals to people
  12. btw why are brunettes with blue eyes so popular?
  13. Lonneke Engel http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?sho...l=lonneke+engel
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