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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. You have very good taste in Models!

  3. love your set!!! ^_^

  4. You're dang ?!!

  5. nice avatar ;)

  6. yes, where are you nouve ? :\

  7. {name}

    where are you? :(

  8. {name}

    Actress vs. Models

    I am a localist all i have to say is your ignorant that obviously does not know penelope's body of work....seriously when ale get's nominated for an oscar you can call me until then....you can shut your mouth. And Charlize.
  9. {name}

    Actress vs. Models

    Results: Scarlett-8 Ana-31 WINNER: Ana Beatriz Barros Round 2.1 Charlize Theron vs. Karolina Kurkova Charlize Theron VS. Karolina Kurkova
  10. really? that

  11. {name}


    Wow great Vogue Cover. Thanks Ferdie.
  12. nothin much, I just got back home so now my ass is gone be up for awhile and I have to work later tonight lol.

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