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12 hours ago, Elite13 said:

Yeah! To a model agent at One! Mathieu.


12 hours ago, PinkCouture said:



Thank you! I had NO idea that she was married, and it's like you could never even guess it. How old are these pics?

Earlier this year, she was actually linked to the French humorist Gad Elmaleh, and there were some pics of them both on the tabloids.

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14 hours ago, CandleVixen said:

1) Lo, Yasmine, and almost all the newbies, tbh.


2) Barbara P, Toni, Shanina.

(All returning triumphant after a few years away. I can come up with more returning models if needed.)


3) Winnie, Kendall.

(these are probably due to entitlement attitudes)


4) Doutzen, Maria B, The great expectation and excitement of watching the show. The cool factor is gone.

(And one who walked in 2010, in Pink, with green sweatsuit, and a pink dog bag- Fabiana Semprebom.

She was in the batch of Brazilians who popped up in VS around 2006/2007 for catalog and website work.)


I like Lorena but her walk left me “meh”. Saabah though, with her cute new clip of her walk out... WINNER.


all the 00s Brazilians were excellent tbh: ABB, Isa, Iza, Adri, Gis, Raquel, Caroline, Fernanda, Emmanuela etc

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8 hours ago, VSDiaries said:

Ahh Thank-you! :)❤ To be honest I was going to use this as an opportunity to move onto other things and I don't really think I'll be restarting the account. Was fun though haha! 💙


 Probably! Although it seems they just bulk reported all my posts including photos. And if they're going up against copyright I'm hardlyyy the account to go for haha. A couple of us think it came from the paparazzi guy who took up skirt photos of Martha and had a cry about it haha. I made the story calling him out & he creepily started following accounts who had reposted my story (but couldn't do me as I had him blocked...)


Anyway I'm probably getting off topic from the thread & doesnt matter much now anyway haha




Damn sis, this sucks! We all loved and appreciated your account here. We all also thought the paparazzi was a fucking douchebag (and if you ever visit BZ please know most of us think you're trash for thinking you're allowed to invade Martha's privacy like that just because she's a lingerie model, asshole) after the whole picture deal. That being said, seems like a lot of fan accounts have been taken down for copyright thanks to paparazzi, heck, even Gigi got reported for it and she is the person in the picture :rofl: and you're more than welcome to bring all your discussions and edits to BZ :heart: 

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As for the show, I finally took the time to go through all the models, outfits/segments in detail so ...




CASTING: While I did like 42/60 models, this was still so so so crowded, I baffles me that good sis Georgia Fowler got just one outift, same for Duckie and Leomie. We did not need 60 models. I would take it back to 40-45 models and make sure the Angels get the three outfits and stand out so they don't get lost in the crowd. I do think as a whole they made better choices than previous years, especially with the newbies who were great for the most part, Lorena Rae was by far (and unsurprisingly) my favorite, followed by Yasmin I also loved Willow, Myrthe, Duckie, Sabaj, Alannah, Kelsey, Maia, Josie, Mayowa, Sofie and Cheyenne. The return of Toni, Shanina and Barbara was as good I thought it would be and I hope VS sticks them around, I think them + Leomie and Lorena have so much Angel potential! I liked the cast a lot but I would have cut 15-20 girls at least. Also please let's just make Grace an Angel already and have Willow as the Pink spokesperson. Kelly Gale looked amazing btw, seems like she read our comments and toned down her crazinnes the last weeks/days and went back to a healthy, beautiful look. Cindy Bruna, Barbara Fialho, Kendull, Estelle Chen, Lameka, Megan W and Gigi did nothing for me and need to go, I hate to say this about Gigi because I adore her but she just didn't do anything for me this year, and underwhelming return.


ANGELS: I appreciate that so far VS seems to have kept the attention on the Angels this year, they all got the openings/closings and all the big moments from the show. Still, 11 is too much and I'd cut some girls and not add anyone. I'd keep a lineup of seven: Candice, Elsa, Jasmine, Taylor, Lais and add Grace and Lorena Rae to the lineup. I adore Romee, Martha and Stella but they have never really stood out for me, Bee looked gorgeous but she lost her spark to me. Sara and Josephine I simply don't like, for different reasons but I just don't like them so bye. Adriana got the goodbye we all wanted and more importantly, the farewell she deserved after 20 years, it's the end of an era for sure but I'm happy it was dealt with the right way.


OUTFITS/SEGMENTS: I liked the fact that we had seven segments because I like a longer show. I'm still lost at the concept behind Glam Royale and Golden Girls? Maybe I'm stupid but IDK where they came from. Overall i think the outfits are the best ones we've had since 2014, and sure, there were some truly awful outfits in Downtown Angels and missmatched patterns in Glam Royale but still in both segments we had really strong ones and even Pink was good for the most part. The MK segment was awful, completely terrible and I wish I hadn't seen it, probably one of the worst segments in the show's history. But still, I liked most of them and Celestial Angels was so beautiful, one of my favorite segments they've done in recent years, so many good outfits. Flights of Fancy was also really good, so simple and beautiful. However my favorite segment was the Adriana segment lmao, I'll take a segment with her any day. Something I also liked was that there were less wings this year and I feel like that makes it more special, I'm more than fine with none of the newbies getting wings.


PERFORMERS: This is a hard one, I hated all of them except Shawn and The Struts, so I would have kept them + Halsey for PR reasons, other than that what a mess it was. I feel like that awful perfomance really did 100% fuck up Taylor's opening because what a slow beat song, it also didn't fit the vibe of the segment at all. As many suggested, I would have done The Struts in GR and then maybe this Leela person in CA? IDK i think the song was terrible anyway. The Chainsmokers suck so yikes that. Bebe's song was appropiate for her, her voice, her singing and her career: A mess. The good thing is that everyone (except Shawn and Halsey) is so irrelevant that they shouldn't steal the girl's thunder.


Overall I liked the show better than 2015-2017, I hope VS doesn't fuck up the editing but so far I'll give this show a 8/10. I'll give my second round of opinions after that. In the meantime, thanks for coming to my TED talk! 

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I wouldn’t expect so much dropping of the viewing rate. Most of these people reporting they don’t watch the show or try to get people not watching never did anyway. Probably there‘s going to be a decrease but not as big as some people are hoping. 


As for the person who tells that the FB isn’t worth one million dollar... not sure if you can say it without really seeing and inspect it. Based on pictures and information VS give you can probably not decide whether this is the price of all the diamonds and stones or not. Maybe I‘m being naive here, but I feel like there are a lot of people trying to just give VS negative press because of Ed‘s stupid answers. 

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1 hour ago, Clauds said:

CASTING: While I did like 42/60 models, this was still so so so crowded, I baffles me that good sis Georgia Fowler got just one outift, same for Duckie and Leomie. We did not need 60 models. 

Exactly! With seven segments, they didn't need 60 models. Give some of these girls two outfits, especially the ones with ugly outfits (aka anyone in Downtown Angels and/or MK collab). I think if you're a returning girl who isn't a PINK girl, you deserve two.

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I would have done 12 Angels with three outfits each, then Grace + all the returners two outfits and most of the newbies with just one outfit except the high profile ones. I like Sofie a lot but I'm stil gagged she got two outfits over Duckie and Winnie 

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@Clauds I love you analysis of the performers, I completely agree and that made me laugh lol


Now that I've seen enough pictures and motion, I have an idea who my ideal Angel lineup would be and who I would want to catalogue mainstays. 


Angels: Candice, Barbara, Jasmine, Taylor, Elsa, Josephine, Romee, Grace, Lorena

PINK: Maggie, Zuri, Willow, Myrthe, Maia, Alannah, 


Regular photoshoots and VSFS: Aiden, Leomie, Megan, Toni, Kelly, Cheyenne, Kendall, Ming, Yasmin, Cindy, Cheyenne, Sophie, Shanina, Georgia, Alanna A, 


Please don't bring back: Harieth, Gigi, Bella, Alexina, Lais, Martha, Sui, Barbara F, Devon, Josie, Winnie, Lameka, Sara S, Sadie, Nadine, Liu, Joudana, Stella (she's an Angel and I listed her this far down bc that's how much I forgot about her LOL), Frida, 


I'm glad Adriana's gone. She looked out of place. 



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