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22 minutes ago, Abry9285 said:

Has this been posted



Omg who chose that slow ass song to be in the opening segment? Jesus


Overall I really liked a couple of segments, and really hated the other ones lmao. Flights of Fantasy is probably my favorite. What were they thinking putting 2 girls in a black dress/shirt(?) with Jasmine’s and Romee’s face on them though? I’d be so pissed if I’d be given that outfit after working on getting the show all year.

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30 minutes ago, Warhol said:

Zuri is the worst spoke ever. I can’t stand her. 


:no::rofl::Angel:poor zuri; she doesn't close pink or opening,  but this year  segment Pink haven't wings, so strange, she deserves much, grace will become maybe a angel soon,  i  hope it's not  last show for zuri

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I’ve been holding my tongue, but I have to say this: I think Candice looked horrible last night. Her face is looking all kinds of crazy- the oversized lips, the tight skin, the sharpness of all her features. And on top of that her skin was orange? She’s such a beautiful woman, I don’t understand what she’s doing to her face or why she’s doing it 

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