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I don’t like the first song....so I did this. Please don’t come for me. 


I chose ariana grande’s no tears left to cry, it’s works okay with the Slow walks, I’m not a video editor obvisouly so....but i like it, and I chose Ariana because she has had new music recently, Lol I don’t really follow American music so much anyways enjoy hopefully.

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Oh shit my girl Jo killed it with her first look!! Her walk was great, the outfit was actually flattering, and her body looks amazing (as usual). :clap:

Also she was smiling a lot more during one taping versus the other one... Maybe she was just tired? Still feel like she seemed sad at times though.

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My first impressions were:


they will make a tribute for Adriana on edition


Taylor was awful in her opening, but her second outfit was pretty


Lais killed in celestial, maybe her best walk?


 VS really don't care about Sara..


I'm not sure if they will give a fb to Behati, because obviously they want give attention to NA, so maybe Martha, Romee or Taylor will get next year...


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So georgia just said that was section especial for adriana

and when adriana walked the flight, she is alone

she opened e closed alone, 

even the light was diferent

so om thinking it wasting flight

was a special mkmwnt for her24789BCB-7915-47DC-A998-CBE76B40D72D.thumb.png.a74cb55bb314550f15c7f47d410b5149.png


and then started flight

and martha openned

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28 minutes ago, dennis123 said:



Jo's walk is actually decent, better than last year, a lot more sultry.


I like Behati's energy. She is one of the only angels that doesn't annoy me with the rocker attitude, it really suits her a lot!


And Candice, oh god CANDICE! Last year was fierce but felt different from the shows before. This actually looked like pre-baby Candice? She doesn't look a day older this year! The hair, the tan. Love it.


Also like Shanina very much.


Adriana gets me teared up a little, it's the end of an era.


Winnie Harlow is a bit awkward


Gigi and Bella did their thing. It's not bad, not amazing. 



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We discussed models getting botox/fillers but nobody talked here about obvious one who got lip and cheek fillers and botox- Behati. Everybody is talking about it on insta and daily mail, she is so bloated, I think she did it recently and didn't set, lip fillers are beyond obvious too.

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