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2 hours ago, VSfan88 said:


Adriana didn't confirm anything but a rep for her claims that she wasn't talking about VS. They respond to rumors in a diplomatic way, so it won't end in a heated discussion.

That's what a PR agent does. DUH. Or do you really think anyone on Adriana's camp (not to mention Adriana herself) would say: "YES, I was referring to VS"? You don't do this in the entertainment industry in order to avoid the label "difficult to work with". The only thing one can resort to is subtle shade. Adriana's rep might say that she wasn't referring to VS but I still find it suspicious that she unfollowed Ed and some of the Angels on IG after that post. Adriana was a huge contribution to the success of VS but she already hit her prime and it would be much more graceful to leave on top (I think she should have left in 2013 at the latest) as supposed to holding on for dear life. We'll see what happens after the show.



You should have just stopped at the first line because thats all that matters and was THE POINT, duh. You claimed Adriana was clearly talking about VS and she made a statement that she wasn’t and she is there as we speak. What you said was wrong, end of story. Even if you don’t WANT to believe Adriana wasn’t talking about VS, since there has been alot of not wanting to believe things when it comes to Adriana from people like you, you have no choice but to believe it because she is still walking this year and that is for a reason. Everything else you are claiming is just simply what you want to believe. And you are ALSO wrong about her unfollowing ed after that statement. Her fans noticed she unfollowed ED during the holiday commercial which was in September,  THREE months before that statement. It was then when she decided to follow Candice. So you’re wrong trying to connect it to that post. Thats the problem with people like you who clearly aren’t fans of Adriana. You’re not a fan so you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to her. Y’all don’t know about that statement and you all don’t know the timing for when she followed and unfollowed people

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