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4 minutes ago, unali said:

What is this??? I don't know if I like it or not. I only know I don't like those wings. 

When we tought there was not stranger looking SO than Elsa's... I'm sorry but this wings are awful.

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I copied as much as I could before paywall. Lol @ us naming and figuring out the segment weeks ago based on pretty much nothing:



The Victoria’s Secret Angel will take the New York-set runway in the more than 125,000 Swarovski crystal-embellished Shooting Star look during the show's Celestial Angel part.

By Emily Mercer on November 7, 2018

“This year’s is one of my all-time favorite looks we’ve done,” mused Monica Mitro, Victoria’s Secret’s executive vice president of brand communication and events, of the coveted 2018 Swarovski Look. Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd was chosen to strut this year’s Shooting Star Swarovski Look during the Celestial Angel part of the show on Thursday.

The look is collectively adorned with over 125,000 Swarovski crystals — with more than 55,000 on the celestial star wing and 70,000 on the full-body sheer, black bodysuit (worn over a lacy black bra and matching, cheeky briefs). The 3-D mono-wing, which breaks the traditional paired wing concept and was designed by Marian Hose, includes a seven-pointed crystal-encrusted star with circular cutouts and suspended, oversized Chessboard crystals. The bodysuit is adorned with clear and silvernight colored flat-back hotfix and sew-on crystals cut into stars, moons, rhombuses, triangles, classic drop pendants and more that cascade from the neck down to give stardust and constellation effects. The look weighs 27 pounds and it took more than 250 hours to apply the Swarovski crystals to the wing alone.



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Just now, Andrew Van Der Hypp said:

I would never even notice that was a Swarovski outfit :ninja: yikes. The outfit itself is alright but the wings? It looks like a Christmas tree ornament.....potential holiday themed segment anyone? :clap:

No it is in the celestial segment, believe it or not, but there are stars all over her body when you look closer. :D

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2 minutes ago, toodarnhot said:

"It's one of my favorites we've ever done" 


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