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39 minutes ago, Dipit said:

Real talk, we watch the show for the show aspect. VS might be tanking but shit, at least they are trying different avenues. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like Kendall or the Kardashians, fact is, their brand value has a good fan following.


VS isn’t AP or La Perla. They are mall material undies. Do what you gotta do to survive. Don’t @ me.    






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If everyone on BZ/in the VS fandom didn’t hate Jasmine and Martha to a lesser extent maybe you all could look at things more objectively? 


Only a few of you think this GMA appearance is FB related and I agree with those who do.


Think about it. If the show tapes on November 8th tomorrow marks a week before the taping. So the FB announcement has to come ASAP. Why would VS book an appearance on a competing network to just talk about performers? It doesn’t work like that. If VS wanted to use a tv show to announce information that is usually announced in a press release, why not do it on CBS, the network that airs the show and not ABC. If you are the star of a CBS show you don’t do press for your show on ABC’s GMA. Other daytime shows or late night shows sure, but typically not the competing network’s morning show. 


Also, let’s be real. Martha is definitely a 2nd tier angel (that might very well change with GMA tomorrow and an FB announcement) so if she has the choice between sharing her first press appearance with Jasmine or not getting the FB at all, I’m sure she’d share it with Jasmine. 


It actually makes sense, when you think about all the casting reveal videos where some angels told their friends they were walking the show.  And since Jasmine is the last American angel to get the FB and seems friendly enough with Martha, that makes sense to me. Whether Jasmine has her own announcement like a SO or show opening or not. 


Besides, I’m sure Martha will have other solo press opportunities. She’ll probably do the Thanksgiving parade again if she got the FB for instance. 


Again, it makes no sense to have VS angels announce performers on a competing network when that information can be shared in a press release. I think what’s going to happen on GMA will be big and that most likely means the FB. 


Being objective would really help some of you out (and spare you from disappointment). It’d help you set your expectations accordingly. 

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Y'all are about to be dissapointed when the FB reveal doesn't happen at the GMA thing... The angel that gets the FB doesn't do press with other angels, it just doesn't happen. It's an special moment that that whoever gets it won't be sharing the spotlight.

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10 minutes ago, medicenevs said:

Y'all are about to be dissapointed when the FB reveal doesn't happen at the GMA thing... The angel that gets the FB doesn't do press with other angels, it just doesn't happen. It's an special moment that that whoever gets it won't be sharing the spotlight.


If the FB does get revealed tomorrow and it’s not on GMA doesn’t that mean that the FB angel technically doesn’t have the whole special day to herself anyway? Since others angels also did major press on that day?


And for them to wait for a slow news day (Friday) for the reveal or next week, isn’t fair to the FB angel either. I mean, I guess they can wait until the day of the actual taping to make it a big surprise and then the FB angel does her solo press after but even that isn’t fair because they’ll be competing with news/buzz from the performers, nepotism models and other angels who might have better outfits/look better/have a viral moment like falling or a killer walk, etc. I’d be piss if I had to wait for a day of show taping reveal just to have something like the aforementioned happen. Pissed. 


Use your brains, people. 


Or not. We’ll see soon enough anyway. 


ETA: Jasmine already got the FB so I have nothing to be disappointed about tomorrow, she’s doing major press and will look good so I’m good. It’s you Elsa fans who need to get some objectivity about the situation. 

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I mean, you can say what you want about the Kardashians (and I’m personally not a fan of this VS PR move) but it’s getting them attention. Their post of the Kardashians on IG already has 3/4 million likes, while the recent posts of Behati and Jasmine have 100K and 67K respectively. 


Whether they manage to hold onto that attention and direct it towards their products/the show positively is a whole other thing. 

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24 minutes ago, medicenevs said:

If you really think the angel who got it (call it Martha, Elsa, Behati or f whatever) will reveal the FB with other angel by her side... I'm not the one who need to use the brain but ok.:rofl:


So you’re just going to ignore my second post where I said it’s not fair to do a reveal on Friday (people are checked out because it’s the weekend) or the actual taping day because someone else can steal the FB angel’s thunder. And an announcement on Monday-Wednesday would be way less time for the angel to bask in the glow of being this year’s HBIC as well.


Truth be told, this year’s FB angel is getting screwed, period. A reveal tomorrow, even with another angel, slightly lessens getting screwed over. Maybe the previous year FB reveals happened too early but at least those angels got to be the special bitch for a few weeks before show talk took over. 


This year’s FB angel isn’t even getting that. 


ETA: If my fave hadn’t received the FB yet, I wouldn’t want them to get it this year, personally. I’d rather take my chances next year, no matter how slim. 


ETA 2: This also makes me think it’s not Behati because with her musician/tv star husband, I think VS would want to milk that for all it’s worth and we would’ve had the reveal before now. I just don’t see them giving Behati a rushed FB even if she hasn’t worked for the past 2 years. 


ETA 3: VS has totally done reveals with other angels present, see 2015 and 2016! The only thing that’s different is that it might happen on GMA. And seeing as they’re trying to do different things this year, this could be another example of that. Like looking back at previous years for this year doesn’t make much sense since things are not happening the way they’ve happened in the past. 

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Does anyone think that maybe they are changing channels? From CBS to ABC? And maybe thats why there is so much secret about everything? Just sayin...

Cuz it doesnt seem right to do a BIG or any announcement actually on a channel that is not the one where i'm gonna air the show

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