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  1. Ya’ll won’t give a damn about past looks tomorrow I can guarantee
  2. Last time I checked this was the 2018 thread? Start a “good old days” thread if you want to discuss things irrelevant to the 2018 show
  3. I wonder if Mary K had much input into the design process? That hideous look has Sofia written all over it. The gif probably sums up how Mary K is feeling atm ...
  4. I’m sure Adriana could rock it though, she rocked this ugly outfit ... sorry Josephine you’re not that kind of girl ...
  5. I can’t with this collab ...
  6. Complete waste of time as usual 👏🏼
  7. navy and black is a HUGE NO! she should fire her stylist immediately
  8. Me right now ... it’s so ugly
  9. I wonder when we will get another making of video. Probably not until after taping?
  10. A lot of the girls are having multiple fittings! Must be some amazing “made to fit” looks and wings!
  11. This photo of Ming still has me shook! What are you doing girl!?
  12. Kendull’s walk is actually really good! there’s some sex appeal there for sure! D2BBFB59-2C3C-4F52-B8D1-B75A64A3AD58.mp4
  13. Could they be announcing new angels tomorrow?
  14. Sum up this thread in one sentence: ”it’s going to be announced tomorrow for sure”
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