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He Guys i am new here. I like the works you're doing here at this forum :hehe:

mjmarija the Guy you mentioned is Francisco Escobar. i'm a huge fan. He is a Model


i thougt the same they are together, because its not the first time they were spottet togehter.

Welcome! :)


I didn't know they were spotted together before. Do you have pics?


thanks, maybe they are just friends but they look cute together

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they also visited the Whitney Museum of American Art last week, i dont know at the same day but she posted this funny pic from

jeff koons woman in tub


and he tweeted this



---Recommend ---#exhibition #jeffkoons #newyork #oldseas #elephant #art @ Whitney Museum of American Art


wow everywhere he is, she is.


I think something is going on lol. and how discrete they are about it, is also telling

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Does anyone know what/if anything happened between her and her dad, I know she mentioned him on twitter but it seems he has an insta and the only one who has tried to follow her on there is her little brother (adriana didn't follow back, but I am guessing that has to be with her not knowing)

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I think of course nothing is official now is the thing, nothing serious at all. It wasn't too long ago since they met and you all know how Adriana is about rushing esp considering her situation with marko

But I honestly feel like there must be some interest because he has been everywhere she has, you just aren't going to  be  travel with a person that much if there wasn't any potential.

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2014- the year of how Adriana got her groove back

Shiiiiiit, I'm anti Francisco and whatever is going on, I don't see lasting...but she seems happy so that's all that matters. I haven't liked any of her choices in men since the Prince.

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