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^Hell, I'd rather she date "fake Harry" than the ugly pasty ass real one. Marko looks better than him. As far as Princes go Carl Phillip> All.

Just hope this Bieber shit hasn't tainted her to potential suitors


Omg you can't be going in on harry like that lol. He's a cool guy and isn't that bad looking. He tries to tan. But he is such a cool guy and stuff and you can tell he'd be a great father. I would not mind seeing adriana with him


I am pretty sure bieber hasn't. At the end of the day adriana is too beautiful and still has her status as a model lol. A guy will hear those rumors, be shocked, may even talk shit (probably not) but if adriana came up to him, it would go out the window. Thats the thing. People can say what they want now because they don't have the opp to be with her but if it were given...they'd be willing. Esp since it is literally a rumor.


She's adriana lima lol

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Marko is past, like Adriana always says: past is past !


Soooo, when Cedric stopped following Adriana on IG? hahaha but she stopped first...  I wonder what's happened?


You're cold as ice :D



I just can't with this theme anymore, all this analyzes about the divorce, cheat or not and bla bla bla... I just want her to be happy!

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 I don't want to start a fight or anything of the sort, but have you guys seen the last pic Adri posted on her instagram ( http://instagram.com/p/ovk0Lis6md/ )


As I said, I don't want to start anything bad, but I thought maybe it's a message from those people who believe in those Justin Bieber stupid rumors... Is just a thought, guys, I'm not taking this serious  :hehe:

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