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  1. ^ikr lmao She's like a child, I love it
  2. I guess the first show is going to be around 5 or 6pm for the sky to be dark since the roof is made of glass the light will go trough if it's still sunny outside, and from what they've said, they want the show to be by night. So it will definitely not be at 3 or 4pm this time.
  3. I love it! I think it's really sexy and the lingerie is beautiful.
  4. I saw somewhere that's karlie confirmed she's walking on Spanish television when she was in Madrid.
  5. But why are you guys trying to figure out who are the girls on the board when we already know the all cast?
  6. Irina is the black and white picture in the last row, it's her latest Vogue Russia cover.
  7. ^I also thought she was throwing shades at VS but she's actually not lol The "it's shameless to discuss women's bodies just to sell papers" is addressed to The Sun.
  8. No she's not, that's why she added an heart next to VS because what The Sun said was false and she's showing Ed's message to prove it.
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