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  1. ? Priyanka is already lobbying for the role. If Cara Delevigne is a DC character with little acting experience, I don't see why Adriana can't be on the DC payroll too. And since the script isn't written yet there'd be plenty of time to get into acting and speech classes. (I doubt she'd get Batgirl but there's no harm in dreaming...and making DC and Joss Whedon aware of her existence. )
  2. To hell with Julian then, to hell with Julian now. I'm not going to sit here and romanticize him just because Adriana is displaying questionable behavior. That being said, has she learned NOTHING? Julian was a rebound himself and we see how that went. As a lifelong fan, I'm really disappointed. If anyone should know that athletes are no good, it's her. How many times is she going to have to get burned before she realizes that? Even if this guy wasn't an athlete, it's only been what? A week. Take time to love yourself before looking for a new man to love you. She's going from that "virgin until marriage" good, clean Adriana to a list of exs. I hate that for her but she's doing it to herself. I think I'm going to take a step back from her personal life and only focus on the career. How can I, even as a lifelong fan, defend her when someone says she's athlete hopping when it's true. We can come back with, "oh but she's a good person" all we want but it won't change this new reputation she's building. Maybe she's going through a mid-career crisis or something because this is far off from the Adriana we used to know.
  3. I feel like she should have just liked that quote or saved it to her phone. Some things just need to be kept to yourself. This is just going to earn her more days of obsessive negativity thrown her way by "them." I don't want to believe that she's not over it. Maybe she thought the quote was relevant and posted it to help others but even if that's the case, this is the guy who let a false baby story ride on her. He's not worth having followers even *think* that she's pining after.
  4. I'm glad she won. (I liked Tatiana too but she just didn't give me model vibes). India was the only girl with a standout personality and wasn't catty. She was also one of the few girls that actually looked like a "model" model instead of "IG" or Sears model. Previous winners have stated that Tyra basically throws them away when filming ends so with new management I hope VH1 works hard to make her happen. I knew she reminded me of Gigi and someone else. That Karlie/Gigi mix was spot on.
  5. I didn't know how to feel about the haircut at first but now I love it. It makes her look so chic. She looks beautiful, happy and unbothered.
  6. I second the bullshit notion. I highly doubt Adriana was trying to have a baby with a man that she's known for a few months (they probably spent a collective 30 days or less actually in person with each other) and she definitely isn't having a baby out of wedlock and they were no where near that serious. It pisses me off that his team would allow that to go out and I hope her team hits back. I'll be glad when all this breakup news blows over because until then, gossip sites will continue to speculate the cause and lying along the way.
  7. To be honest, besides him being semi-attractive and a football player, I never got the appeal and I definitely didn't get the "too good to be true" thing besides them both being attractive and him actually being relevant. I gave him a chance because she seemed happy but IF they're done, I don't think he was much to have or much to lose; when she wakes up in the morning, she's still the Adriana Lima. My only concern is her feelings. I hope it wasn't a bad split (if they are) because I just want her to be happy whether it be alone, in a relationship, in general.
  8. In my opinion, Adriana looks best with straight eyebrows. Hers are naturally low set so an exaggerated arch just looks weird on her. We didn't get many pictures as we did last year when she did it with Ale.
  9. Candice & Lily Behati & Martha Monika & Frida
  10. I bootlegged the CBS thing from my TV for those who want to see it before the real thing gets ripped. Sorry about the captions
  11. The girls looked awesome and Lais' voice is so cute.
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