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  1. Corner


    She looked freaking gorgeous and that dress was exquisite, loved the nude makeup and the hair was a nice touch. Her look is everywhere on social media and it got more buzz than all the models and even some stars. I don’t know what unrealistic expectations y’all have of her but it’s ridiculous at the point.
  2. I hope she finds it in her heart to post these
  3. Corner


    Right? I’m not even gonna participate in this one
  4. Corner


    Omg I thought it was a Pepsi commercial. I almost screamed
  5. Love it! But her styling and pose in her picture with Irina where she’s wearing the shorts is messy and busy
  6. So happy she bagged Max Mara! Equally happy that her presence in the picture is more commanding than the others
  7. @lucyford just likes to see things from both ends and I’m kinda like that so I get where she’s coming. I mean, she didn’t say or imply the ALxPuma line flopped, she just merely stated the obvious. The collab didn’t receive the promotion it should have gotten, both Adriana and Puma failed to do so. And it’s only natural to say that the line would have been an even greater success if they promoted it the right way. But yeah, I get everyone’s point as well. A win is a win regardless
  8. I’m glad it did well with virtually no promo. Organic queen 👑 Can you please share some links of the articles?
  9. I’m living for everyone at twitter saying Adriana’s retirement is the real reason the vsfs is cancelled 😂
  10. I don’t like the covers but the ed is gorgeous 😍😍
  11. You do know that commercial models get me exposure right? Adut can get all them Vogues and high fashion campaigns but without the commercial modeling crossover, she’s going to remain behind all of the VS girls. By far. See Daria Werbowy, Saskia etc.
  12. Adut and Anok are nowhere near being household names or even close to it. Neither is Jasmine but she’s WAY ahead of them. The comparison is quite laughable.
  13. No lies detected. Also, hats off to you guys for sticking around in here. I bailed on VS a while back but I’m still low key rooting for a comeback. Here’s to hoping 2020 brings that fashion show we deserve back
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