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  1. Bloody hell 😳. Modem day Sophia Loren. It's quite telling how this woman remains the undisputed queen of classy-sexy after so many years. No other model can hold a candle to this editorial. I cringe at the thought of trying to compare this ed to the other models' attempt at sexy in the past so many years. This is a solid reminder of her unparalleled position as the sexiest model of her time. And I'm glad we have this as a reminder.
  2. Plus Botox on a regular
  3. Looked gorgeous. And it looked like they had so much fun in turkey. Her make up was perfect and the show actually looked extravagant and original. I thought it was going to never a vsfs rip off
  4. Elsa is slowly turning into a blowup doll. Looking permanently shocked. She needs to stop whatever she's doing to her face because it's not a good look. She probably think it's the bomb because I always see her posting close up selfies of her face. Stellla really is the badass angel
  5. Good radiance, such a vision in white. What bugs me is why she doesn't post this outrageously stunning candids, but she doesn't care.
  6. LOL. How those people must be pressed at her continued success. The dame has outlived her peers ❤
  7. Who else thinks Adriana might get some covers when it's time to promote her new show?
  8. India's most famous export. She's gained fame and success in America with her TV show, Quantico. She was also miss world in the year 2000 for obvious reasons.
  9. Omg! Adriana and Priyanka! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. This is like a gift from the gods. Two of the most stunning women for me! I didn't know these two were friends. Such an explosion of beauty. Adriana's body right now is damn near perfect. Her skin is flawless. I'm so glad she's having this much fun and her success seems to be transcending.
  10. I'd be so disappointed if she's doing ATM. Talki about cheapening your brand. Is her coming out of the car with the red dress for ANTM too?
  11. I always feel somehow when i see her in eds with all these younger girls. I still feel like the fashion world does that take her seriously? She's in the same cover story as the other models yet she's didn't end up on the cover
  12. I saw Imaan shooting in Miami last week with two or 3 other models. One of them had really dark skin, the other had light brown skin with kind of a pixie cut. Can anyone tell me their names?
  13. And the show I had to force myself to remember was 2015. PS I had my friend watch the show last night, his first VS show and he kinda loved it. He thought Taylor H is goddamn gorgeous. Elsa is too skinny. Irina is sexy af. And nobody can tell him Adriana is a day over 25. And he was flabbergasted when he saw the models working out segment. It was inconceivable to him that they were that strong (because of the stereotype of all models being anorexic PS he thought Gaga was annoying af.
  14. Parisian night was A dream. I still want Doutzen's French hooker outfit
  15. The argument that people don't watch tv anymore is valid? I personally don't watch tv and all my friends live streamed the show. I just watched it again and it was good for me. I could be better but it did it for me. Idk what y'all want because the show is one that's on tv so they can't do all we want them to... plus it at least still gets more then 6 million viewers, more than the shows you keep comparing them to. Even though we put the 2005 show on a pedestal I really feel like it would have flopped in this day and age. Reason being, the show would have already being repetitive by now and their wasn't any big focus on artist and the girls having fun on the fun way, which believe it or not helps. I think the segments were cute. Jo's was somewhat original. I liked the Paris one too. Even the one of them talking about how far the girls have come. And there's another thing, I predicted that you guys would complain about the show being rushed. It feels that way every year before you give it a second watch. When will you people learn?