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  1. I saw Imaan shooting in Miami last week with two or 3 other models. One of them had really dark skin, the other had light brown skin with kind of a pixie cut. Can anyone tell me their names?
  2. And the show I had to force myself to remember was 2015. PS I had my friend watch the show last night, his first VS show and he kinda loved it. He thought Taylor H is goddamn gorgeous. Elsa is too skinny. Irina is sexy af. And nobody can tell him Adriana is a day over 25. And he was flabbergasted when he saw the models working out segment. It was inconceivable to him that they were that strong (because of the stereotype of all models being anorexic PS he thought Gaga was annoying af.
  3. Parisian night was A dream. I still want Doutzen's French hooker outfit
  4. The argument that people don't watch tv anymore is valid? I personally don't watch tv and all my friends live streamed the show. I just watched it again and it was good for me. I could be better but it did it for me. Idk what y'all want because the show is one that's on tv so they can't do all we want them to... plus it at least still gets more then 6 million viewers, more than the shows you keep comparing them to. Even though we put the 2005 show on a pedestal I really feel like it would have flopped in this day and age. Reason being, the show would have already being repetitive by now and their wasn't any big focus on artist and the girls having fun on the fun way, which believe it or not helps. I think the segments were cute. Jo's was somewhat original. I liked the Paris one too. Even the one of them talking about how far the girls have come. And there's another thing, I predicted that you guys would complain about the show being rushed. It feels that way every year before you give it a second watch. When will you people learn?
  5. She answered the Gisele question as evenly as she did the questions before that. And she paused before answering, as she did with all the other questions, because it was a video/internet interview which means it will take a second or two before the questions will be a fully transmitted to the person being interviewed. And nobody is arguing she gets asked about Gisele in interviews. And none of this even relates to the initial discussion. Ale third wheels to Adriana's career especially in VS. Simply pointing that out doesn't make one a hater or what not. And sis, forget Forbes, have you seen Gisele's portfolio?
  6. Which interview? Gisele was/is the biggest model in the planet but Adriana or any other model wasn't overshadowed by her during that era. Models back then had distinctive looks, instantly recognizable, individualized. Adriana was barely even doing interviews because her English was bad but she's was a standout beauty and more importantly... had charisma. And she successfully relied on that. Alessandra on the other hand has always been loved/famous/beautiful/successful and I legit can't think of a VS show where she didn't look drop dead gorgeous. But idk people are different ... I honestly can't understand why she's isn't on the same as Adriana... I happens, people just have different effects on others and it's inexplicable.
  7. Yikes. Adriana is the ONLY model trending worldwide. The nepotism girls, when will you finally come through? The Hadids had their own segment The longevity queen is probably renewing her contract as we speak. TalentAlwaysWins.gif
  8. And if this wasn't posted ?
  9. She's does most of the big media events every year
  10. This article is a pile of dung. The models have always been stick thin, minus Heidi and Tyra. What is this write even getting at? The outifts are more risqué? How rich. And dying @ them name dropping Ale with the new girls. Girl doesn't deserve such disrespect tbh
  11. Oh Adriana ?... She nailed everything about this year. Her and Lais need to make babies right now so i can prosper. They have amazing chemistry and their gene pools are to die for. VS is literally incapable of making Lais look bad. And tbh I didn't want to take part in the Bella convo because I am such a great fan of her bought face but girl legit looks like she's older than Adriana and Ale...and in a drag queen kinda way. Babez just looked out of place for me and it's ruining my image of her in my head. Kendall kinda looked washed out? Gigi looked gorgeous but looks unhealthily thin. And girl, when we say don't smile on the runway, we didn't ask you to look like you want to exit the world. The social girls were everywhere and it's sad the newer Angels still can't muster up some star power that could be at least a little behind the insta girls. Sad that Adriana is the only one that has enough coverage and social media buzz. The woman won't stay there forever. MARIA looked so strong and stunning on the runway. I just can't!
  12. I thought that was Ale! Lol I'm transferring what I said about Ale to Barbara
  13. Sigh. Adriana is basically just staying at VS to make these lessers/angels look eternally inferior. Her opening Is the TRUTH and she made that questionable outfit look hot! We honestly don't deserve ha! Ale looked so ethereal in her long outfit! She's a real star and the contrast between her aura and that of the younger girls is quite apparent. Queen! Josephine is just pure old school VS glamour and sex appeal! Girl just knows! LMAO ELSA THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS. Taylor's runway presence remain bland.
  14. Adriana! Baby gurl! ???