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  1. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    PS does Taylor have a different contract from the other girls? I mean she seems so dissociated from VS these days and I didn’t particularly notice her promoting VS at Coachella like the others? Am I missing something? Personally I think she’s the most stunning Angel since Candice and I think it’s in VS’ interest to keep her if they want people to still put the VS standard of beauty on a pedestal. I only wish they’d let her stay home when it’s time to walk the show because I honestly can’t stand her lack or presence and life on the runway. I know the Giseles, Tyras and Adrianas are probably never gonna happen on the VS runway again, but the Elsas and Saras will suffice.
  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    A little late but Lais indeed is light skinned. She has to be at least two shades lighter than Jasmine. She’s in the Halle Berry skin tone territory. I find it amazing how Jasmine looks dark brown given that her mom is white. I mean it’s not uncommon so I guess strong genes.
  3. General Discussion

    We do love us a reckless queen On a more serious note, I think it’s time for us to separate the art from the artist. I know that one of her appeals is not just her beauty but also how kind hearted and compassionate she is and even with her unattainable beauty, there’s something very approachable and grounded about her. At this point, let’s just watch the show that’s her life right now and hope she at least brings in some work. Like, let’s spare ourselves from the disappointment that is this relationship and be on the lookout for some work, of course that would mean being less of a fan but I’d rather take that. I can’t stick around with the losing team. I’ll be the first to kiss her ass when she dumps that garbage and begin evolving her level of maturity. And someone said she’s only does VS and Maybelline these days. Where the VS work though? I think they’ve gotten over her ass.
  4. Candids

    Alright thanks! Meanwhile, this woman is genetically blessed. Her skin is quite something.
  5. Candids

    ^Where are them pics!? 😁
  6. Candids

    Stunning 🤩♥️. It’s been 84 years 😁
  7. General Discussion

    She’s not on Gisele’s level though so I guess that’s estimation b/w both of them isn’t really far fetched
  8. General Discussion

    @emerald7 it’s possible she knows about the brand and what’s up but doesn’t know who sent it to her but idk from how confused she came off, I feel like she just doesn’t know what’s going on all around. @Souled-Out I think I said this before, she just lacks PR training. If you get a gift like that, the least you can do is google them or check on IG. Like there are way more models in the campaign than even in the pic you posted. There is also Toni G, Elsa, etc etc, like shit was all over IG. All she’s going to get from this is alienating people. And I think she’ll start posting when season 2 of her show starts. She’s not that far gone.
  9. General Discussion

    Sis is so out of touch she doesn’t even know about Solid & Striped 🤦‍♂️. Can we just beg her to hire us for free and fire her current management?
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    What did Taylor say? I’m so lost! Also I must say amidst all the models/actresses coming forward to expose these powerful men, Idk I just thought it weird that the Angels were so quiet and never stood up to corroborate anyone’s story at the least. I saw them liking those #TimesUp posts on IG and I wondered if they’ve managed to go unscratched in an industry as corrupt as fashion. Surly I’m sure at least some of them have horror stories and I wished they’d contribute by sharing them to add weight to what other models who are not even in their caliber are saying
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Who hurt you with this word?
  12. General Discussion

    i distinctly remember Lily saying years ago that when she started out and had to do a press event with Adriana for VS, Adriana went out of her way to make sure people knew Lily by name and have the same attention as she was receiving. The woman is good at heart, she just chooses boyfriends who are toxic for her and I can see why so many fans are holding on because of that.
  13. Candids

    @Souled-Out do you think she was paid to attend the carnival? Genuinely asking if it’s considered a job she should have prepared for
  14. Candids

    I actually enjoy her in these pictures 😁! She clearly gained weight but so what? She’ll lose it soon enough and at least she was having a good time and I like how she looked. I wish her skin had a bit of color tho but regradless her skin looks flawless tbh.