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  1. Sorry to tell you that all agencies present girls as models and egeries, it is not predicted anywhere that they are just fashion and that they are fashion models ! Models are not only fashionable, the nude is part of their work because they also vehicle an image of ideal feminine ! I think you didn't understand the work of a model at all !
  2. I understand very well ! For me I'm a fan of full frontal nude shoot for the beauty of the model and I want to see her completely nude ! So I understand when you are sad not to see her in the work you like the most , everybody like something : fashion, nudity , publicity , Great Brand ...
  3. She's incredible , like Kaia Gerber who understand what is a true model ! I like her !
  4. It's not Soft-core porn , it's not even porn , it's just a nude body, there is nothing ! you're prude !
  5. Of course because it is when she is naked that she is the best, Adriana does not need any clothes, her body is a work of art and she has beautiful breasts! Adriana nude is the best , Clothes spoil all her beauty and entanl her!
  6. I agree her shoots are more and more boring years after years !
  7. Bravo Margaret On all the supermodels of this site you are the only one to regale us again and not to have to pose or turn naked, in front of this society more and more prude that associate nudity with pornography and that pestlerant, I congratulate you, the best of this site and by far ! fed up with these tasteless fashion shoots !
  8. I am very sad to see that a true beauty like her is ashamed of her body and not pose really naked , her lack of confidence in her year after year and her modesty make the shoots bland and ridiculous!
  9. Clothing line , clothing line , it's boring , I hope to see her in real modeling job ! She has a great body , she's a beauty !
  10. well said, but it's impossible to say that these days, everyone feels shocked by breasts or nudity, culture has regressed and puritanism is making its way, some have taken advantage of the METOO and other movements to claim punditry and bring us back to religious morality, of course we must fight against rape and violence , but society is not fooled, many women of this profession earn money thanks to their physical and their body and I find it hypocritical to pretend that this is not the case! People take nudity for porn and not for art, yet there is a very big difference between being filmed
  11. because she's a real model , not like others models !
  12. I think we will never see the encensored topless , we must forget , the area is for prudish people !
  13. you don't understand anything, I don't care about pornography, I like the nude photo and I don't care about the unknown, I like the models, the real ones, the ones that earn money for their physique that are on all the posters, I was a fan of The Playboy magazine that I loved! Frankly you have to be stupid to confuse nudity and pornography, are people all uneducated and prudish !
  14. suggest feeds, desire, envy, drive and leads to the perversity of the unhealthy imagination, show, it's frank, natural and there is no hidden ulterior motive or perversity, which is why suggest and very very pornographic and unhealthy !
  15. not at all porn and nudity it's not the same thing at all , nudity is natural and pure ! suggesting is pornographic !
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