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  1. She already did bikini !!! But she doesn't do enough shoots. If she posed nude I think it would make a buzz like never before, but little chance nowadays that a supermodel dares the nude photo !
  2. Sorry to say that but she's not topless here !
  3. She said this in her instagram : "In this day and age, we're ashamed to take our clothes off. The nude is no longer art, it has become a taboo. The human body in its natural state is a sacred and divine work of art. Shame is elsewhere. Shame is in the mask, in the lie.It is a pity to make a career by showing abundance when some do not have enough to eat. It is a shame to be in a world that is not ashamed to dress well while behaving in an abominable way towards the host planet."
  4. on my post I 'm writing Warning nudity everywhere , I don't understand ! Only max has forget !!!
  5. 39 and always incredible , an incredible body !
  6. Warning nudity Miracle of the century the very prudish Barbara Palvin !
  7. Warning Nudity Karlie Kloss again !
  8. I do not hope that Vogue or the magazines directed by Ana will change editors , I hope that these magazines will disappear and no longer exist to make way for real artistic editorials and good tastes with nice photos and real beauties like Adriana , I have a little enough of this fashion world that pushes to consumption politically correct , elle, Vogue ... represent the kind that I hate the most, without diversity of models or subjects with vulgar editorials and soulless !
  9. I don't like this shoot one of the worst with Adriana !
  10. Finally a real shoot , amazing , incredible , thank-you !
  11. Why would you want to see Adriana Pose for US or UK vogue, she doesn't need mediocre magazines for her career, she's way above that !
  12. At the same time Ana's newspapers have never been my cup of tea, I do not like this woman, I do not like her work and even less her diary, for me it would be an honor not to appear in towels like this, the photoshoots are vulgar, bland and tasteless, worthy of a bad comic of the 50s, I'm glad adriana is not there! Karolina, Doutzen, Isabeli and Gisele are models who have made money and made the buzz, but for me they are very far from having the charisma and class of Lara Stone, Cindy Crawford or even SANDRA KUBICKA that I love, they do not be millions in contract, but they are real models who know how to pose and please the fans!
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