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  1. General Discussion

    The Brazilian Swin are 10000% better. Theses swin team it look like made for gradmothers.
  2. General Discussion

    I am hoping she doen't wear that swinsuit of swin team .. i mean .. nothing against, but I saw the collection and my opinion, they are so so ugly .. it looke like thoses swinsuit of 20's , 50's , 90's . She has an amazing body to wear thoses ugly things =/
  3. General Discussion

    I didn't saw this photo. I Tought she has deleted all. But .. I think this doesn't mean nothing
  4. General Discussion

    Yes, she deleted and only let this here in her instagram.
  5. Motion

    She made a Joke with him saying that she wants to marry Matheus with her Cousin .. and the marriage would be in Bahia. She sayng that she miss Fashion week and isn't miss anything there and other things
  6. Candids

    For a person who is sick and just go to Turkey ... OMG .. She spend more time with him than with her girls
  7. Robin Holzken

  8. General Discussion

    Let's hope this is just a detoxing. I think since after VSFS she doesn't workout anymore .. so it is almost 2 months just eating trash and not doing anything
  9. General Discussion

    Yeh agrew with you. Do you know if take the vacine against yellow fever? Because in RJ there's some cases about this in RJ and SP. So the person has to take the vacine 10 dayd before going to some places. Let's hope this is not the case
  10. Robin Holzken

    Robin for VSX
  11. Robin Holzken

    Robin for vs acessories
  12. Robin Holzken

    Robin for VS Pijamas
  13. General Discussion

    I think maybe it is her body doing the cleaning, since she started drink theses green juice who serve to do a detox and eliminated all the bad things. And because that she's doesn't felling well.
  14. Robin Holzken

  15. Robin Holzken

    This bikini on 4th photo it is amazing .. suit her so well. I hope we can see her next year .. she deserve so so much!!