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    Flaviateeles ig stories StorySaver_flaviateeles_57560777_416782309133196_5936429665718053422_n.mp4 StorySaver_flaviateeles_57286143_602785456901024_1237526797345415463_n.mp4
  2. I think it is just for visit her family and celebrate her grandmother's birthday.
  3. Yeh. At the moment I said that, she hasn't posted anything related. But it's look like something for Puma.
  4. Maybe she will do something for Maybelline?
  5. {name}


    Her ig stories StorySaver_adrianalima_56917473_119391085900678_2483035008414750122_n.mp4
  6. elcuerpodepapi ig stories
  7. I Think Emily is more use for Maybelline. She always on set for Maybelline, more than Adriana. But for events, they use more Adriana.
  8. Most of the angels follows Adriana but she doesn't follow back. And about the lingerie, I don't think she will get another lingerie contract soon, she just left VS and I don't think she want this now. And she said about want to create a lingerie and swin line. I don't know how much this is true.
  9. I think it's a light effect.
  10. I agree with @Souled-Out he should focus on her career and talk about that. The turkish media talk alot of trash. She finally get out of this dark time and she has been over the news has been on the news trend because her work and it's so good! So, let's focus in this subject and move on!
  11. Yeh. Her family spend a lot of money for get her covers lol. I will be glad too in see Adriana in any Vogue cover. For me her best covers and editorial come from any magazine from Spain.
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