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    maybe she regretted it and erased it?
  2. Motion

    Ruby Rose and Patrick Ta ig stories. StorySaver_rubyrose_32095041_416816725396335_3840099023920155905_n.mp4 StorySaver_rubyrose_32024756_2032243580368866_7393215214636433269_n.mp4 StorySaver_patrickta_32248925_308403153028180_48006144997810568_n.mp4
  3. Candids

    Ruby Rose and AndrewDayStudio ig stories
  4. Candids

    Adriana Lima wearing Julien Macdonald at the AMFar Gala Coktail , during Cannes Film Festival ✨
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  6. Candids

    Her eyes omg!
  7. Candids

  8. General Discussion

    Yeh! The back of her dress it is just amazing! I really love when she wear nude/light lipistick! I really hope she stays too! I love all her looks in Cannes Festival, she look like a old hollywood actress! Veronica Lake Vibes!
  9. Candids

    Adriana Lima wearing Julien Macdonald at the AMFar Gala during Cannes Film Festival ✨
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  11. Candids

    I am not Miss Lonely .. but I hope you don't mind .. to Upload here instead of her
  12. General Discussion

    100% agree with you. Love the make and hair, the jewlery but her dress was a little similar of the Elsa wore few days ago. I hope she goes to AmFar tonight! The photos of her getting ready really gave me Cleopatra's vibe Just Love!
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  14. Candids

  15. Motion

    Laura's ig stories StorySaver_laurapolko_32873410_225853094845922_8633800290667681021_n.mp4