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  1. Emily para Rosie Inc roseinc-___CMCyoZfp_HR___-2.mp4
  2. I really love she is posting some old photos of her .. btw her house is getting beautiful so far .. she is sharing some videos on her stories about her house, it is beautiful!
  3. Yeh but I remember one interview of her about that .. she said she loves red lipstick and make up like that and some people want to her to change a little bit , and she said she wouldn't do, because is what she likes .. so.
  4. @lucyford Yeh, I forgot it was in feb, in my mind was a little bit later , you know? lol I really tought it was Sienna who wants to be a model. And Adriana is right about only allow her kid grow up a little, like Cindy's daughter ... Alessandra it's another case, I think she is the only one who exposes her kids often, Anja has instagram e always do a campaign with her, but every mother is a mother ... Does anybody know where she went all dress up in that way? she was such a bombshell, love it!
  5. IDK who said about Adriana didn't had a party lunch for prive since was pre covid. But in Feb the covid was a thing in the world, it was at the same time as her collection. Saying that .. I have some questions. 1 - If she is still a Maybelline girl? bc she is the only one who has been work with them not even a live on their ig, I saw Emily D. doing a lot of lives, Josephine and I think Gigi as well .. 2 - She is no longer work with Puma? I mean .. her feat collection was sold out as whater in the desert , so I tought they would keep work with her and lunch another feat collection lol
  6. Oh my! Who take this pictures and when was that? I am surprise lol @FREDRIHANNA
  7. Yeh, but her friends was a lot of friends. I even tought they were spending the quarantine time together you know? About the conspiracy I think she stop a little, maybe someone say to her. It can bbe worst than Madonna and AJ Kapa lol. I think she creat the email in a little rush and it was without ideias, you know? Maybe some personal Assistent say anything to her about this. If she has been all by herself without angency since 2018, so I think she's good. I hope she do the right think,
  8. Yeh She need a GREAT PR Team, because they have to teatch her how to do things. She need to learn how to use her social midia for her won benefith. And during the quarantine, I was very surprise people didnt went harsh on her.. I mean, during this whole pandemic thing, she was always doing a party with a lot of people, she didn't went to the whole #stayhome thing, If she do that in Brazil people will cancel her very fast. And about her e-mail adress OMG, this is look like thoses e-mail we start to creat in the begin of 00's era lol
  9. Yeh, but in the makeup challenge, she Tagged Maybelline. But during the quarantine, they did a instalive with Josephine, Emily ( more than 1) and Gigi, but no one with Adriana. So it's kinda weird, and now everyone was in the shoots beside Gigi for obvious reasons. So I really don't know.
  10. Adriana is no longe a Maybelline girl? She is the only one who aren't on the photoshoot, everyone is there and there's a time I didn't saw anything about this.
  11. I think this was when she was back to Miami, after that fashion show in Turkey.
  12. Why she would work on her make up line if she still a Maybelline girl? Doesn't make sense. And I doubt she woul do a collab.
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