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I think Adriana and Roman Reigns should be together ;) they would make amazing babies




OMG THIS lol. Even though it would slightly be awkward because everyone says roman IS the adriana of wwe . Perfect face, mysterious, and really sexy lol. And he is getting a push from the company which means he could be the face soon which would be great for Adriana to have a man like that whose stardom is also pretty nice. IF they ever had a child it's face would be super duper flawless that I don't even think it should be legal lol





And I want to say he is Adriana's type because I feel like she likes men with a stronger/distinctive look. Not to mention he is smart, genuine and educated. But yes I would kill to see them together. This is how much I didn't like the way marko looked. I ship adriana with every fine guy lol

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dude, I didn't think anyone would know who he is. and yes, I would love for them to be together if he can't be with me...or...can he? ;) :wub: Adriana needs man that's going to throw down, when these dudes want some lovin lol Has she ever dated an extremely muscular guy?


Someone needs to make him a  thread on here btw..



The dude is flawless and so utterly sexy its unreal. Love that others know him too! :sex:






seriously...sooooooooooooo sexy.


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I want you all to remember she probably made more money today than all of us together in a year.


It was totally worth getting hit by that thing.


I was just saying this to ILUVBarbaraPalvin. I think thats why this all happened. Only the most successful people has these kind of days and its like what they say mo money, mo problems. Never fails

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