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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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oh and BIG BIG BIG thank you to everyone posting pictures and updates and whatnot, and also just thanks to everyone who is a part of this board because I love reading your opinions and no one in my real life gives a flying fuck about VS, so it's great to hear some thoughts and see other's who like what I like.


ew Keke.

ew Flavia

YES! to Sui, she looked soooo good.

I don't like Alanna's hair, but I love that they let her and the other girls wear their natural hair. very cool.

Stella seems sooooo cool, but man I don't get her appeal as an angel even though I think she's so pretty.

Poor Martha, I always forget about her.


I hope all the girls had a blast and are proud of themselves, even the ones I don't think are pretty or who I think didn't do a good job. They worked hard to get there and I'm proud of them even though I don't know them lol.

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3 minutes ago, gotportugal said:

Have I already said that you are winning in the set game. Yours kills it with Grace:heart:

See, I didn't even see that she said I'm winning... I'M WINNING PEOPLE. Get shit on. :heart: you guys

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Well whatever happens on the press tour, it can't be worse than the Australian coverage of the vsfs. Only Kendall, Gigi and Bella were mentioned (as angels) and the fantasy bra was aparently 3 million dollars made entirely of swarovski crystals :actor:

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That dragon was a good idea in theory, but man did they mess it up. I think it looked awful, like a cheap decoration you'd find at the local Chinese restaurant,  and it looks like Elsa can't really walk to her full potential because of it. I'm so happy Elsa opened, but I wish she would've gotten banging ass wings, not that dumb fucking dragon.


It sucks that the Daily Mail is bitching about TRA and being offended by it; do you guys think it's just them stirring the pot or that more people are going to start complaining?  I think the majority of the section sucked hard, but only because there were too many colors, fabrics, and random mismatched stuff. I want to say I feel bad for those who are offended....but I don't.

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Sorry to double post, but...

Gigi looked soooooo good backstage, I was watching videos and thinking her hair and makeup looked so amazing.

Then she got on the runway and I was like "oooh I'm diggin' this black outfit, I want it for myself!"

and then I thought...."wow, Gigi doesn't look so good, she lost too much weight and she looked sad and sick"


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1 minute ago, HitchcockBlonde said:

My favourite thing to come out of this show without even having seen it is that her insta pic choice is one where she looks disgusted.

Maybe she was low-key hoping that someone else would carry Bill the Dragon. LOL. But she killed it as usual, though. Can't wait to see the show! 

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Re: Appropriation

There's an academic definition of appropriation, and it doesn't fit what VS has done here. The colloquial definition that's emerged the last few years could be relevant, but let's be honest, for a show that had a record breaking four Asian models out of fifty two, it's culturally insensitive at worst. Doesn't mean there should be massive uproar or claims of racism but it doesn't hurt to acknowledge that VS is utter shit when it comes to representation :idk: 

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