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  1. I just watched the show, kinda groggy opinion due to allergy meds, but here are my opinions so far before rewatching it later this week: Pissed that the angels weren't the primary focus of the intro video. Ming Xi (?) cheering Kendall looks forced. (How much did Kendall's mom pay her, I wonder.) Adriana being confused before walking was super cute. SO HAPPY THAT THEY USED THE FOOTAGE FROM WHEN LEOMIE SEEMINGLY GRACEFULLY SWATTED LADY GAGA. No slow-mo this year? Adriana should've walked where the Weeknd entered. ELSA WAS SUPER GORGEOUS when she was looking at Abel during SA. Go
  2. I can't wait to see that! She must be so excited <3
  3. Was this posted already? Anyway, I have a gut feeling this article wasn't proofread. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/2315628/who-is-elsa-hosk-victorias-secret-model-and-ex-basketball-player-heres-what-we-know/
  4. I got it from this thread! We have @Prettyphile and @PinkCouture to thank for that! Gotta love Josh Wong!
  5. If Lady Gaga weren't there, I wonder how much Leomie could've slayed even more. LOL. This woman is amazing.
  6. My favorite moment would have to be Leomie Anderson seemingly trying to swat lady gaga gracefully while nailing her pose.
  7. Maybe she was low-key hoping that someone else would carry Bill the Dragon. LOL. But she killed it as usual, though. Can't wait to see the show!
  8. Hello! It's 12:30AM here in the Philippines and they aired a Making Of Video on FOX and it says that the show will air on December 7, 7PM here. Just sharing! Any updates for Malaysia/Singapore? @PastaFreak
  9. IMO That's what's so great about this year! Haha.
  10. I'd think they'd have Elsa or Jasmine do it and probably a French model they casted.
  11. Yeah, I know. What I meant to say was Adriana did the table thing in 2011 but she didn't open the show. Sorry for the misunderstanding, @Clauds
  12. The table posing and show opening package deal started with Candice in 2013, Adri didn't open the 2011 show. BTW, who did the table thing in 2012?
  13. That's what's cool about Hamish. He finds different things and suggests them to keep the show interesting for the viewers and how they can make the show better for promotion. Sure, some of his ideas don't make the final cut, but he gives a fresh perspective.
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