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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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I've been like 2 hours trying to catch up ini here and finally made it. A list of thoughts:

- So happy about Elsa's opening, i'm sure even with the UGLIEST outfit she'll rock it up. I like the concept, tbh. The dragon should have been more elegant and majestic, a well done dragon and it would have been just insane. But she has a fucking puppet around her hot-hot body.  I said her outfit could be worst than her Boho's one and I was worong... Anyway, waiting to see her entire opening... if she rocks that thing, she proves she can do ANYTHING work. Next Adriana Lima: ugly outfits, rocking the catwalk.

- I love Kendall's, Bella's and Gigi's outfits so far... especially Kendall's TRA and Bella's SA. They are beautiful... so sad they got it.

- I love Grace and her energy for PINK. I said that section was going to be awesome and it look like it is. I like the outfits and the models. I loooooved Alanna's walk in the video.

- Maria's outfit in TRA is just to die for. It fits her like a globe and she seems so comfortable in it. She deserves it ♥

- Jordana's outfit for Secret Angel is bautiful too! I thougt it would belong to BNA because of the shinny bits but with the greyish material and her outfit and her hair, she looks stunning. You GO girl :_

- I think is Leomie's after Sui He in MR,so i'm going to say I'm surprised of her entrance and walk. I had my doubts because of her disaster last year but she looked so graceful and confidence...

- For what I've seen, Stella did a good opening? I'm not sure but she seems to have a lot of energy on those videos. I hope is true because she's famous because of her lack of energy on the runway so...

- Lady Gaga's performance in DA... I have no words. Speechless. That woman is a show on her own and she WORKS it. Her final walk with the wings was awesome, very Rihanna-ish in her own way.

- ELSA AND ADRIANA LEADING THE FINALE YAS GAWD. And you can see how in the end when they are all in line for the photo Elsa is between Gaga and Abel... clever girl, STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT.


I think that's it. And i NEED to see Liu Wen's walk.

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3 minutes ago, BIRDS said:

But why a second show? They can also change the passage of the model?

Encase something bad happens like a model trips? Or they need to make adjustments to outfits last min, or the lighting is off, or the hair falls flat... ect


The reason we didn't see Grace backstage is because at the time she took over Miss Vogue UK's social media.

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8 minutes ago, gotportugal said:



What is up with Elsa’s lips??? She is approaching anus mouth territory. It does seem like she might have gotten lip injections because the vermilion border appears to be raised. (Compare it to the two other girls’ who don’t have swollen lips.)

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