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  1. Oh please, this is complete and utter bullshit. I mean if the tribal accessories were their main complaint, I would kind of get it (although this political correctness nonsense is going way too far lately). But this little feathered thingy on Nadine's head? Come on... How on earth does that resemble an indigenous headdress? The segment wasn't even native-american inspired but was based on Lapland. If they're gonna blow things out of proportion, they should do their research first. Ugh I hate those people that are offended by the smallest things. It's like....This is our chance to let our oversensitivity and political correctness bullshit into the world, let's not miss it. If they're gonna cut Nadine's outfit from the broadcast, I'm gonna be pissed. She deserves every second of airtime.
  2. Music in each segment: Punk Angels: Harry Styles - Kiwi Porcelain Angels: Miguel - Pineapple Skies A Winter's Tale: Leslie Odom Jr. - ? Goddesses: Harry Styles - Only Angel Millennial Nation: Jane Zhang - Dust my shoulders off & ? Nomadic Adventure: Miguel - Told you so
  3. Leslie Odom Jr. seems to be a last minute addition as we scheduled for a concert on November 18, which he canceled last minute. http://www.playbill.com/article/leslie-odom-jr-cancels-november-18-concert-in-minneapolis VS added him most likely because TS and/or Katy Perry couldn't make it. I neither know his nor Jane Zhangs music, but I'm willing to give them a chance. Don't judge before you saw them perform... On the other hand I'm kind of frustrated. We had the chance to have only two performers this years and the rest remixes, but VS felt the urge to add random performers.
  4. Yes, I'm all for only two performers as well. Also I actually prefer male performers, they don't try to steal the models' spotlight as much as some of the female ones (*cough* TS, Gaga *cough*) and their interaction can be quite sexy sometimes. BTW Adriana is for sure in Shanghai now, she posted a picture with the panda bears the girls were getting.
  5. I know Katy Perry's ban has been mentioned before, but here's the full article: https://pagesix.com/2017/11/16/katy-perry-banned-from-china-as-victorias-secret-fashion-show-continues-to-crumble/ Jeez, China is really thin-skinned. They're handing out bans left and right... The article also says that Adriana's visa has been held up due to an ongoing diplomatic problem. Not sure about that though. Adriana seems to be in Shanghai already.
  6. You were right, she had a photoshoot with Felipe Gallego. You can see parts of the making of in his IG story, if anyone cares to publish it here. She's also featured in some vlogs of a fellow model that lives in her appartment. She said that she had a go see with cristiano miretti. She seems to get along with the other models, but she definitely needs to improve her English.
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