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Victoria's Secret (VS) vs (SI) Sports Illustrated


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I always thought a VS has to have like va va voom body. is lingerie what their selling. Adriana is just a pretty face that is all. I thought competition was based who represent the brand best not who the brand made the most famous. & you can say the same about Alesandra Clauds. Adriana has been in a movie before.

Lol you're saying Adriana is only a pretty face? So she hasn't got a va va voom body to you? She has one of the best bodies and has always been healthy with curves in all the right places. I love Doutzen too but there is no denying Adriana is the ultimate VS Angel. No one comes close and this is all about brand fit and she fits the brand perfectly. Don't know how that is an issue here.
she has a square shape. She's not that curvy. Scarlett Johanssen is a good example of a curvy woman. she's a va va voom. the only va va voom bodies VS has had is Laetitia Casta & Tyra Banks.
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...we already know adriana is gonna win this competition like always she wins every competition because she has too many fans...

I could think of at least 2 recent competitions Adriana didn't win.
I wouldn't be surprised if she lost the best smile competition

I fucked up I can't believe I forgot to nominate Karen Mulder instead of Ana Beatriz I'am an idiot. is too late now.

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