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2016 SI Swimsuit


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Thank you so much for uploading, @Prettyphile :heart: 


Hailey - Her overall look fits SI well, her poses were decent enough. One of the ones in the red and white striped suit would have made a better cover for her
Nina - I had to laugh at the lack of actual swimsuits in her pictures but there's a good variety of poses and facial expressions. Plus her body looks AMAZING. 
Chanel - The ANTM comment made earlier was spot on. Next.
Gigi - Better than last year's, it's kind of a shame her body doesn't look like that anymore because it looks great in this set. There's a couple that should have been covers over the ones they picked
Chrissy - I love her, IDGAF. Who else would let them vajazzle? 
Barbara - What are some of these things they put her in? o.O She's lucky she's pretty. I hope she's back next year. 
Hannah F. - Some of her poses are super awkward but I like her overall look.
Lily - I think she forgot she was shooting SI and not VS swim, her poses are very catalog and wtf is up with her feet in some of them? 
Erin - Poodle? Why is she wearing something made out of moss? Total miss.
Irina - Her poses also look a little catalog to me. but others I really love.
Bo - Overall I liked her pictures. She has a great body and I think she fits SI really well.
Hannah D. - She looks bored
Kelly - Her location is gorgeous. Why is there a bird? Why so many animals? 
Samantha - Looks better than expected but the bar was pretty low
Tanya - They picked terrible suits for her body type, but I like her shots from the neck up?
Rose - I like her but I think her shots are a little zzz
Emily - Why is she biting into an orange through the peel? She's gorgeous and I think that save s a lot of her shots. The ones of her in the water are some of my favorites out of everyone's pictures. 
Robyn -  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sofia - There's something different about her that I like
Kate - I forgot she existed and these pictures don't do much to change that
Ashley - She has a lovely face, I don't think all her suit choices were the best, nor were the poses

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2 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

erin-heatherton-2016-photo-sports-illustrated-x159762_tk4_03887-rawwmfinal1920.jpg erin-heatherton-2016-photo-sports-illustrated-x159762_tk4_03959-rawwmfinal1920.jpg erin-heatherton-2016-photo-sports-illustrated-x159762_tk4_04099-rawwmfinal1920.jpg erin-heatherton-2016-photo-sports-illustrated-x159762_tk4_04146-rawwmfinal1920.jpg


Not just a simple poodle. She's a freaking sea monster. And in the rest of the pics she looks like a porn star from Germany in the 80s. 


Maybe I'm too heterosexual, but I find all these pics boring after one quick watch. Especially the Turks location ones. Last year's locations were much better imo.


The only photo I can appreciate a lot is Irina with the rays.  


Hannah F and Sofia Resing have killer bodies. But I like Nina the most maybe, and Irina. Not satisfied with Barb. She's fine, but not my fav here.


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From a photographer's standpoint the shots that were done in Malta were the best. The location was wonderful. The lighting was everything and the shots are crisp and perfectly focused.


Now whoever shot Chrissy, Nina, Erin, Chanel and Sofia must be fired immeditaly. His photos were horrenodus of the girls. There was some great shots. But a lot of low light situation caused the ISO to be very high which makes the photos very grainy and unclear. Also the over use of editing on the photos was bad. They did what Yu did with the Hawaii shots last year. And it made a lot of the girls look really bad.

The rest were ok. Yu was better than last year but I don't think he knows how to really light the girls. They always look so washed out. James Macari did fine as always. But yeah I think Ben Watts did Malta right? His shots were the best.

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I know this isn't the right time but just thought I'd point out that a giant Huntsman has been living in our lounge since Christmas. He comes out after midnight and zooms around. He is really scary but kind of cute when you can see him moving around underneath the curtains. He looks like he could palm a basketball.

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I think my favourite photoshoots are those set in Malta. I like shoots with different settings instead of the usual seaside with nothing else but sea and sand.

I was expecting more from Barbs' shoot. I like her posing and how she looks in those pics, but still the setting is so boring.
Erin, I love her so much but I'm so pissed off and sad by the fact that they made her look so ridiculous with her hair. I love curly hair but she looks so weird in those photos and it's a pity because the shoot and the setting are very nice (except for the fact that the whole shoot is SO YELLOW).

Emily D is perfect. I love the shoot and the posing and what she wears.
I really love Tanya's and Nina's shoots. Also Sofia's, Bo's and Chanel's are good.
Such a shame that in Malta they used Kelly, Sam and Robyn. I would have preferred to see other girls there than them because their shoots are really good.

All the others left are meh.

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Honestly Ben Watts should shoot the whole issue. His shots are always the best in each issue. They're so full of energy and colour. Yu and Ruven's shots the girls are all washed out. There's no colour in them and when there is it's yellow. James did ok. His shots in the past have been 10x better.

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Hailey - I'm not a huge fan of hers but I sort of liked her shoot
Ashley - Not my cup of tea
Nina - Hit and miss for me this year, but the shots that do work are some of the best of this year's edition
Bo - Perhaps the best-looking body in the issue but the shoot itself fell well short of her potential
Barbara - I had some hopes for her but she was unfortunately amongst the poorest shoots this year.
Chanel - Okay I guess
Chrissy - To my great surprise, I didn't really mind Chrissy's shoot this year. :ninja:
Gigi - Liked Gigi a lot more than I thought I would. Decent shoot
Hannah D - Incredibly forgettable shoot and coming just a year removed from her cover
Hannah F - Incredible body and good shoot. Still room for improvement though.
Lily - Never been a big fan. Completely forgettable shoot
Kelly - Meh
Samantha - I will never be a fan but by her standards, a decent shoot
Tanya - Fairly forgettable shoot
Rose - Glad she is back but not sure if this is an improvement on last year for her
Emily D - Emily is a very beautiful girl but I'm increasingly convinced that SISE is just not her thing
Robyn - One of the oddest SI shoots in recent history. Odd decision altogether to have her return.
Sofia - Okay, nothing more
Kate B - Middle of the pack for me, nothing especially memorable in there.

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I don't get why they had to have 3 covers this year, Hailey is my favorite, but that's not saying much because I really don't like the others. Hailey is pretty but this is a common swimsuit cover shot, Ashley's pose is very unfortunate. I'm not going to start the "plus size" debate but this angle is not flattering for her body. Ronda just looks angry and she's just not sexy at all here.

For the shoots, I like what I see it's a shame that Ebonee messed up, I really like her shoot, overall I like all of them, even if some of them are pretty generic, maybe except Erin who got ruined by this hair and awful tan.

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I really liked Nina, Hannah F and Gigi.

Nina- she has lots of poses and different facial expressions, she has probably my one of my favorite shoots from this year.

Hannah F- she looks so goo, that body is just WOOOOW.

Gigi- her best year for me. She did very good posing wise and her body is one of tge best in the issue. However she did not have any cover worthy picture.


Kate B- I liked her a lot aswell specially the shoots in the car and with the flag.

Samatha- looking good this year. I actuallt liked her.


Erin- big NO! 

Rosa- Expected more.


Bo and Barbara were my favorite rookies but none look as good as I expected. Bo's hair makes her look a bit weird here.


OVERALL, this issue is better than the previous one, and quite good in my opinion.

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t&c sea is amazing but for SI is a boring location so the pics are a little boring as well

Hailey looks better this time but her body again is not in the best shape and i'm mad with her because after her shoot she started to toned up :rofl:

Hannah F what can i say..LORD HAVE MERCY! i'm happy for Hailey but i wish she was on the cover, her body alone deserve a cover

poor Erin, i like her and her body looks great but they must hate her :rofl:

loving Tanya shoot :wub: too bad no pic with the orange/grey bikini..she looks better in motion!

Chanel shoot is cute and Gigi too is not bad

Nina yasss, not my fav shoot but she looks amazing! love Sofia as well



so much yellow why :rolingpin::rolingpin:


Sam looks bad again for me :c025: she's lucky with the location tho..Kelly is lucky to have a good body her face is a big fat nope, i can't

Irina shoot is so boring, just leave please..i like Rosie but this is just boring..Hannah d too, last year her shoot was amazing 

Bojana body is great but still nope for her face..and idk she does nothing for me

Chirssy shoot is tragic but i like the pic with the huge hat, for the styling tho

Ashley is pretty but she's just too much for me, not my taste


i love the idea with the name of the models on the swimsuits!

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