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2016 SI Swimsuit


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  • 3 months later...

in the 2015 thread, posters suggested their top three names for each of the categories.  i tallied all the votes up and here's what resulted.  we'll see if any of our "advice" is followed for the 2016 issue...



here are the results from the pick 3 thing over the past few days:

for each rookie, here are the total votes to stay and votes to leave 
hailey: 18 votes to stay, 3 to leave
rose: 14, 4
solveig: 11, 7
erin: 8, 7 (least votes overall!)
kelly: 7, 13
ashley: 6, 13
robyn: 1, 17
a few posters' top three votes to stay matched the top three posted above (meaning they voted for hailey, rose, and solveig).   those users are:
Clauds, AQWXSZ, Stormbringer, and peroxideblonde
similarly, these posters' votes to leave matched the bottom three (robyn, ashley, and kelly)
Clauds, selyoink, jessicanicole, and Stormbringer
congrats to Clauds and Stormbringer on having your fingers on the pulse of bellazon!
of the veterans posters wanted to leave, here are the models with five or more votes:
chrissy (11)
genevieve (10)
samantha hoopes (7)
emily r (7)
irina (6)
jessica (5)
ariel (5)
for the cover preference:
nina (12)
hannah d (8)
gigi (8)
hannah f (7)
emily d (7)
models who went to casting calls and yet SI blindly passed them over:
xenia deli (15)
alexandria morgan (8)
yara khmidan (8)
clara alonso (6)
lisalla montenegro (3)
megan williams (3)
samantha gradoville (3)
models who bellazon would love to see cast in the 2016 issue:
edita vilkeviciute (5)
barbara palvin (4)
daniela lopez osorio (4)
dioni tabbers (4)
josephine skriver (4)
alexis ren (3)
elsa hosk (3)
lais ribeiro (3)
michea crawford (3)
rosie huntington (3)
shanina shaik (3)
models bellazon would love to see return to SI:
cintia dicker (8)
bar refaeli (6)
michelle vawer (6)
alyssa miller (5)
bregje heinen (5)
marloes horst (4)
jessica perez (3)
kim cloutier (3)
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Castings for 2016 are starting pretty soon, once agencies and models are back from Fashion Week. Not sure when we'll see Casting Calls but I assume same time as last year.

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This year 7/7 rookies were from Casting Calls so I guess it'll be the same now.

I have no idea when they start shootig tho but I assume it'll be probably back to normal in June/July. The past three years were shot earlier for different reasons but I don't see why they would start so soon this time when they have no rush.

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Mj and the SI crew clearly need our help to make a Rookie class  rock the 2016 issue 
and they are just 4 ladies to make that happen :


Barbara Palvin                                           Shanina Shaik
large.jpg RevolveShaninaShaik6.jpg
Alexina Graham                                                               Vita Sidorkina
Alexina Graham for La Redoute Lingerie 2013-004.jpg Vita-Sidorkina--VS-2015--137-662x892.jpg

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