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  1. Really happy for Sara, her VS work is strong, and her photos are in all the stores. Nice to Si her doing Si again, seems like these clips have way more production than last years. Maybe she Will be the stand alone ambassador for this Si now.
  2. I love this Harper's Bazaar editorial. It brings Back baby Sara vibes
  3. Sara on KTLA doing promo for VS She is well spoken in this interview, really liked it. She only did not do so well when Talking about the bra, but overall I enjoyed it.
  4. I don't think Maria Miguel's work can really be compared to Sara's. She barely did anything. Her work was good but very little. Sara during 2017 had her angel contract, hair contract, Vogue Brasil and Turkey covers, and walked many shows. It is good to see the globe going to a New face but I don't think the standards are really fair.
  5. Sara herself did not tag L'oreal in those cases so I don't think it is a big problem at all, specially because Armani beauty is also owned by L'oreal. Her look last night was my favorite of hers from Cannes so far. Great to ser her walking aswell in Fashion for relief.
  6. ^It was very unlikely that Sara was going to Paris for Chanel. She is shooting Armani Beauty, it is being shoot for a couple of days now. I believe Barbara Palvin shoot for it today as well but don't take my word for it.
  7. I believe it is for Armani beauty. The comunicattion Director of Armani commented saying something a long the lines of "it's a pleasure to have you in this project", plus she had worked for them before. This could probably mean Sara might have a beauty contracto with Armani!
  8. There photos are so good. Even Romee which I usually never like looks great, no terrible botchjob in sight.
  9. Yes, but Blumarine is probably the best campaigns she has ever done. Other than that Pinko to me is probably the best Out of all of the others. But I do wish she'd do more campaigns, even commercial ones, for like a BIG denim brand and also perfumes, that'd be great edit: forgot Tory Burch which I think is better than Pinko because it is more established Brand
  10. She has 2 fall campaigns that with that instagram model, plus Pinko. Pinko is actually a great campaign I think, they are quite big. The other probably pays decentLy though! She also had her 2 first solo Vogue couples in the last few months. But I do hope that SS goes well for as it is easir for her to book spring shows because the clothing can be easily fitted to her height
  11. ^ The Brand is an acessory brand so they could have been wearing balenciaga and still do the campaign, but the usual art directors for that campaign weren't in a studio, at not one of them from the instastories. I'm think it could be a Vogue shoot (not as sure about It as it seems Giampaolo was shooting Anna Cleveland)
  12. I think she may have shoot with Giampaolo. He was shooting in Milan. She was wearing Balenciaga I believe. One of the make-up people also works with him sometimes
  13. After Vogue Brazil comes yet another amazing Vogue moment. She looks stunning, it's a nicely done cover. I've seen a couple of pictures from the editorial (I think or some where outtakes) and they Aren't the best, because I wish they went with more than just swimwear. I only liked another one that was similar to the cover and one where she is swimming.
  14. Really love Vogue Brazil cover, my favorite Out of the 3. Well done! This Will surely help her get other covers...If she hasn't already.
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