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  1. ^ The Brand is an acessory brand so they could have been wearing balenciaga and still do the campaign, but the usual art directors for that campaign weren't in a studio, at not one of them from the instastories. I'm think it could be a Vogue shoot (not as sure about It as it seems Giampaolo was shooting Anna Cleveland)
  2. I think she may have shoot with Giampaolo. He was shooting in Milan. She was wearing Balenciaga I believe. One of the make-up people also works with him sometimes
  3. After Vogue Brazil comes yet another amazing Vogue moment. She looks stunning, it's a nicely done cover. I've seen a couple of pictures from the editorial (I think or some where outtakes) and they Aren't the best, because I wish they went with more than just swimwear. I only liked another one that was similar to the cover and one where she is swimming.
  4. Really love Vogue Brazil cover, my favorite Out of the 3. Well done! This Will surely help her get other covers...If she hasn't already.
  5. Sharon Stone and Andy MacDowell where the previously godmothers of other ships, so I'd say they should pay pretty well. She looked great at the press conference
  6. She may be shooting Blumarine again. At least all the clothing in her Snapchat seem to be from them.
  7. I didn't heard anything about Mugler but it could be a possibility. Elie I'm pretty much sure it is sure
  8. She walked Redemption and I think she was at the Elie Saab featings earlier. The Redemption show isn't live so there aren't any picture yet.
  9. The Karl Lagerfeld Brand is owned by a company and not KL himself. One of the brand's highest manager is also from Tommy and she has posted pictures with Sara before and so she could have been the one sending those gifts. That being said I think she has 50% chance of walking Chanel. She has more chances than let's say 1 year ago but not enough to be too sure. I hope she does more than 3 shows. Giambattista I would love for her to do again but I'm not sure if she would be able to get it again this year. She fitted last collection's aesthetic but that may not happen now.
  10. It would be great if Sui became an angel actually
  11. Did she like the picture or just a comment on there?
  12. I like the look, it's a very good dress + makes up and hair and she posed well. Although I think it is a bit expected. It's black and paired with a ponytail hairdo. I would love if she had worn something like Ale's first dress for the viewing party, the pink one. But can't say by any means that she looks bad, from the daily mail article she is probably one of my top5 favorites.
  13. So happy for the Moroccanoil contract She seems super happy aswell. So many good things beeing shoot and revealed from her.
  14. Out in Milan, February 22nd source:
  15. Out in Milan, February 21st source: dailymail and