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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 (GENERAL DISCUSSION)

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I spoke to Michea a couple days ago, I guess she's going to be working more Dave. I'm waiting to hear back from her cousin on upcoming projects... oh and SI/VS is STILL trying to poach her. :rofl:

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She has zero interest in dropping the weight they're asking for, can't say I blame her. Do you think she should lose 7-10 pounds? o.o


^ Hell no VS is high as fuck with there standards. Heck, even when skinny as possible they still photoshop the heck out of their models and then on top of that add some cleavage in :rofl: If you ask me those folks at VS are a bunch of out of touch people who don't know how to photograph a beautiful women in their raw form. If they need tits that bad hire a model with them and maybe don't ask your girls to lose too much weight, crazy thought eh? I'm glad Michea basically gave them a middle finger. That women DOES NOT need to lose any weight only those asking her to do so.


Now I wanna bitch slap Monica more than ever hun :laugh:

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I just want to see Jac & Frida together in the VSFS, is that much to ask?


Last year I was so sure I was getting my Frigaciak pictures and then the suckers didn't cast Frida, like WTF man :cry: I hope she makes it this year, I'm not worried about Jac at all, she's walking again for sure


Caroline Brasch Nielsen was a big no no NO to me last year (her smile on the runway was just awkward) i'd prefer thousands times to have Frida & Jac back this year.



Frigaciak for the win!!  :chicken:

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They haven't shot the commercial yet guys. Just catalouge. I doubt Stella will be in the commercial, but they're starting that this week so I guess we'll see. I've never seen her walk, but she's really surprised me with her VS work. I wouldn't mind her having a chance on the runway.

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