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  1. Its the other way around haha
  2. Damn she looks absolutely incredible.
  3. Hey does anyone know who this girl is? Please place all inquiries in Model ID. ~ Edited by Staff
  4. I think the 2 million followers on Insta is a good indicator that at least a few people like her. That unattractive comment was a funny one, thanks for the laugh.
  5. You guys have any idea who that is in the bottom left?
  6. Excited for: Candice, Elsa, jac, Martha, Romee, Sara, Rachel, Constance, Devon, Josephine, Bridget, Gigi, Pauline and Vita Can live without: Maud, Behati, Stella, Taylor, Fialho, Cindy, izabel, Jacqueline, Magdalena, Bruna, Flavia, Leila, Leomie, Megan P, Sanne and Valery.
  7. I wish Niamh was doing the VSFS this year. Has she ever done runway before?
  8. Anyone know if Gabby Westbrook went to castings?
  9. The casting usually isn't until late October, I mean that's how it's been for the past few years at least.
  10. Love her! Thanks for all the pics Pith
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