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I hate doing this stuff

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LOL...after 1000+ posts, now you introduce yourself??? :rofl:

You are such an attention-whore :whistle:

Anyways, welcome (officially) :wave: and congrats on your 1000th+ :pinky:

I wasnt introducing myself, I was just saying I dont know why I made this thread when I didnt care about inroducing myself.

Thanks everybody :)

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Hello Matt :wave:

I am going to be "away' for awhile. Not sure when I will be back, but I will return :yes: I just wanted to say good-bye before I leave. I will be missing you. Thanks for making me laugh and smile (Y) Sorry if I am jerk to you sometime :( Anyways, I wish you the best of luck on all your endeavors. Until we meet again, know that I will be thinking of you. See you later :hug:

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