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  1. Barry!!!! *sobs*

  2. Me miss Barry.wah.I know you'll never come back..but I wish you would..*sob*

  3. Barry


    i'll pop in when i can see ya
  4. Barry


    Spurs missed out maybe the season after next take care keep the thread warm for me
  5. Barry


    Congratulations Mr Ed!! i do feel sorry for West Ham though And as my time at BZ draws to a close, I should wish you the best of luck with uni and everything and thank you for the good laughs and 'company' you've given me. You're a cool little chap and probably the first person on BZ that i really 'latched on to'. Also, one of the few who i saw as a role-model and who I had profound respect for Anyways, take care and the best of luck with everything. I'm gonna miss you The board really wasn't the same without you when you went Take care Anyways, I'll try and pop in to the football thread every once in a while Also ACMilan, best of luck to you as well, buddy Hope that you get some quality signings over the Summer and have a good run next season All the best
  6. Barry


    i hope unless they get snatched away or fail to develop correctly Your midfield is strong You'll need some reinforcements in the back and forwards though. Also, you'll need some experienced players to guide the young ones. Too bad Davids is leaving. But he's not exactly a role model. just need fullbacks. it looks like we're getting Berbatov up front as well as Bellamy, possibly interesting
  7. Barry


    i hope unless they get snatched away or fail to develop correctly
  8. Barry

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