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  1. Thank you for the wishes!

  2. haha yea...ever since i moved to the city i never get a moment to even sit on the comp....how you been?

  3. those two can be used for abs and these two below can be cleavage
  4. Thread has been cleaned and re-archived. Please remember that a little common courtesy goes a long way. Most posters take time to locate and post these pictures. Just a small little thank you for them is all that is necessary to maintain a healthy balance. Further instances could lead to a permanent removal of the thread. So just remember, keep the atmosphere friendly.
  5. wats happenin bro?

  6. things are awesome actually...working...college...and parties....who can complain??? haha

    wat u been up to?

  7. long timeeeeee!

    how are ya?

  8. No images taken directly from Elite Model Management at http://www.elitemodel.com/ can be posted on this site. These images are copyrighted and copyright infringement will be the sole responsibility of the poster.
  9. ene posted this on the first page...i thought it was pretty cool actually
  10. i like the second one here's the last set of ones that my lovely angel made for the forum
  11. hahaha well thanks for sharing your 5300th post with me!

    i feel pretty special now

  12. haha jerkkkkk i knew there were driving factors behind it!!! hahaha....jk jk

    so wats up?

  13. haha deep down inside i'm only 3....but reality is otherwise hahaha...thanks for being one of the two people that said happy bday to me on here :)

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