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  1. i'm just sick of everyone bashin on petra with me like honestly i dont care wat OTHER people think about her i'm sorry if i came off as too mean i'll post the tags that i have made in a few mins
  2. i really dont care wat you think i'm not gonna sit here and just make tags for random models i made em for the subforum models
  3. they can be anyone haha but are only the subforum models
  4. yea i have more i'll put em in sometime
  5. i searched and it hasnt been deleted sooooo i guess it never existed (N)
  6. The Funniest: Rhett, Lazy The Most Creative: Qball, for all those damn approvals and awards he's always posting around. The Sport Fanatic: Nicoler (i hear a lot of baseball junk from her ) and me! The Entertainer: Rhett The Shy one: all of you that dont talk to me The Bold one: nicoler, two more that shall remain unnamed The Blabber Mouth: Nomi The Most Talented: Nicoler ( she goes to a certain school ) Maddog ( he fixes things!) The One you love Chatting to the most: Michelle, Angie, Nicoler The Priceless One: pretty sure i could put a price tag on u all The Strong one: me, i rule you all The one you can really talk to: Nicoler, Michelle, Angie The one that can make you smile: Michelle, Angie, Nicoler The Sweet one: Michelle, Angie, Pinky (in her own ways ) The Smart one: Nicoler The trouble-maker: lazy and me :evil: The Silent Hero: sporak as someone called him once The Writer: MLA The one you miss the most: Sohoxchic The one whose always there for you: Nicoler ( when i get angry )
  7. pinky! i'm so creative as well
  8. stop kissin up Ok, I take it back. Everyone is cool, except Taha woohoo!
  9. {name}


    those were awesome jewels! thanks!
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