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  1. um4r


    Thanks Neme - I do quite a lot of stuff like that. Some for fun - some for actual work I have a design portfolio at - www.hollisterbay.com Check it out I want to do one of Marissa Miller as she is my fave - I'm into blondes but I am really picky on pics to use and quality - can't seem to find any good ones
  2. um4r


    Np guys - Yea' I'm big into eyes - I have a sharp eye when I see another girl with nice eyes... so I had to do something to them
  3. um4r


    Hey guys I am new - I'm a graphic/web designer I've actually done contract work for VS as well as adverts for loads of perfumes etc Here is something I whipped up for my own desktop. I use a 22" screen IF anyone wants a version for their own resolution, feel free! Ciao!
  4. i would pay someone to find me a larger - hq version of that pic! lol
  5. Where can I find a HQ or bigger version the pic of Ale in red? I can make some amazing wallpapers, but most of the pics here are like just 300x600 - I can't make anything with that, they are way too small Anyone know a site where you can get proper hq images? thnx
  6. pics are great but odnt u have any HQ large versions so we can make wallpapers out of instead of just lifting from VS website? thnx
  7. Anyone know any good site for this? I just searched and I found one called psdprotocol.com - however the cuts on that site are like really rough and hard to use as they are bad quality too These things are good for making wallpaper designs etc Any one know any?
  8. Hey guys - I came across this picture on the net. I used to have this ages ago - If I am right, it was taken from a Russian version of FHM or Maxim. Can't remember. Does anybody know where I could find an original HQ version of this pic as this one is shit quality and also is some sort of cut done by someone? http://www.need2upload.com/uploads/e33acc0968.jpg
  9. OMGAWWWDDD!!! http://www.zonelance.com/eminem/killer.jpg Images over 600 pixels in width must be textlinked or thumbnailed. -Lullaby
  10. Needs to post a picture of him/her...whatever it is!...Fuck navels!
  11. um4r

    Word Association

    Phillips?... Phillips Electronics!
  12. Your sister?!!?!?!?!...Post a pic!...What's her MSN?!?!!...lol
  13. Because I find the combination of Pink and Black and a little white to be sexy! And I am a big of fan of...sex!..ahahah
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