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    Cute guys, going out, riding bike, sketchin, surfing, snowboarding, all that good stuffs :)
  1. whoa. where have this board gone? Almost half a page since i've been here last, you guys are sure making it long. I thought u were gonna be mean and make it die. But, anyways, how's you all doing?
  2. I guess, short, an inch up from my shoulders( but, over the summer i cut 16 inches offa it! it used to be 3 inches past my butt) dirty blonde dye herbal essendes, aussie fine wavy Every too months
  3. A real good thing to do is if u sweat, wash ur face, cause the oil in ur sweat irritates ur skin
  4. @ i love adrianna: yeah right :yuckky: ANNOUCEMENT: I haventleft 4 good, just twice a month ill be on, and feel free to send my pms. even hateful ones. cause i just may say something twice as hateful back, im full of come-backs :evil:
  5. Well, maddog is rite, I aint never comin back after this post.
  6. w00t w00t!!!! oh, do any1 else like Boy Meets World??Its kinda a 'kid show' but o well! theres a kid in evry1!
  7. this just rolls rite off my back <a href=http://home.neopets.com/templates/homepage.phtml?pet_name=SilentGuyNumber9> <img src=http://xs36.xs.to/pics/05271/stereodlm.jpg></a>
  8. Hey every1. Im just gettin used to posting in the rite forum, so hi every1~!
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