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  1. Thanx so much i appreciate it thanx so much ps I luv justice i will do the DANCE 12345
  2. Does anyone have this because the one i have takes too much space thank you in advance
  3. isnt there any more of this sites
  4. Can anyone help me please my cd/dvd drive in my laptop is not appering in my computer it was there before and now i dont understant why is not there anymore anyt help would be appreciated thanx
  5. thanx
  6. thanx but no I have windows can It be use for that? is it to make dvds to ipod?
  7. I just got a Ipod video I really love really do but i was wondering if anyone new how i can convert my dvds to i pod video what program to use and how can i transfer some songs to my comp thank you in advanced hope some can help me
  8. Does anyone have the new ck klein add with her that comes out in the vanity fair with her on the cover i saw the previous post it has doesn and one more were its just her face those anyone have that one
  9. does anyone know how to rib video from mtv overdrive ? thanx
  10. I use this program called Xingtone Ringtone Maker but the quality sometimes isnt that good those anyone know another prom that makes them better quality
  11. i just got this program its really good but it doesnt allow me to use bearshare is there any way i can changed that because i guess it blocks it from using it i trired setting but cant seem to find the awser can anyone help
  12. its the 3rd one
  13. sorry if repost and the bad quality but atlest is something here are some videos with gisele enjoy