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  1. Around...how ya been?

  2. Due Date......thought it would have more laughs....o well....
  3. there is no link? the picture was jsut that of her legs....no face or body which is why its a problem
  4. i used this image awhile back and my memory serves me its andi musie ........but I been told no and know I am seriously banging my head against the wall here trying to remember...... anyways is it her and if so does anyone know where i got the original.....thx in advanced....
  5. assassination of jesse james
  6. In know real order: Rockferry - Duffy Little Voice - Sara Barielles O - Damien Rice Our Endless Numbered Days - Iron & Wine Undiscovered - James Morrison Day and Age - The Killers No Name Face - Lifehouse These Streets - Paolo Nutini A Good Day - Priscilla Ahn Trouble - Ray Lamontagne
  7. right well partly adding the extra was....
  8. Underworld 3, it was good, wanted a little more connecting to Underworld 1 at the end but what can you do right
  9. gears of war 2, fable 2, fallout 3, tales of vesperia - so many I kind of just don't play them cause I cant choose <_<
  10. Anja, Ilze, and Valentina

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