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What made you smile/laugh today?


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Well, this one is of her from last night at the Golden Globes:


This is the thing that made me smile yesterday. I was indifferent towards Taylor and lately I've been on 'stop it' side. I love that avatar one of the lj users on ontd had, with Adele laughing and then showing Taylor's reaction. THE BEST.

Plus, Tay's dress was gorgeous, but that hair... it's disastrous. She styles herself for a grandmother, and with those squinty eyes it's not a good look. I wonder how she could be friends with Emma Stone because Emma seems cool, while Taylor... Ok, won't comment on that further cause it's not like I hate Swift but still.... LONG LIVE ADELE.

And once again some Taylor fan reminds she's still young...


what a stupid excuse. The girl's been in the spotlight for at least 5 years, you would think she'd learn more by now.

Whenever there is a T.Swift post on ONTD I am all over it. Her fans are so obnoxious, it only doubles my annoyance of her. And honestly, she isn't THAT YOUNG. Bitch has been singing songs 14 year olds write in their journals and shes like 24. I can't.

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