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  1. What are you ashamed of?

    I actually lose weight when I don't go.
  2. What are you ashamed of?

    I've been skipping gym for the past 4 weeks....
  3. What made you smile/laugh today?

  4. What is the most important aspect in a man

    I just stop showering for a couple of days. Gives me that manly scent... But really, I think it just depends on a woman
  5. Breaking Bad

    The best part is that Walt won.
  6. Breaking Bad

  7. Breaking Bad

  8. Breaking Bad

  9. Breaking Bad

    Don't know how to do the "spoiler thingie", so I'll just be vague.
  10. Breaking Bad

    That would be sweet!!!
  11. What made you smile/laugh today?

  12. Breaking Bad

    This is EPIC! http://coub.com/view/xci5nts