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  1. I just caught up and I'm amazed at how much I love this show!
  2. A pair of shoes and a bottle of vodka.
  3. Depends. They change colors but most of the time, they are mix of grey.blue, and green.
  4. Django Unchained was a spaghetti western so I automatically knew it was going to be "cartoonish". I will not lie, if I had to listen to Jamie Foxx talk in a deep southern slave accent, it would have drove me up the fucking wall. It would have taken me out of the movie. Pupl fiction is one of my favorite movies from this director but I loved Django Unchained. It was what it was supposed to be. A parody of the antebellum South. When I want realism in a movie, I don't go watch Tarantino film. I would have seen Lincoln
  5. Mirror's Venus

    I Am...

    wondering why I ever bought the Bombshell bra. I have never used it. Not once. But I should. Just for the lolz.
  6. As long as she repents, she will be fine. lol
  7. LMAO I hope my future children are so simple that they would be not only content but fucking EUPHORIC by giving them a shitty McDonalds's toy. My favorite part was the mom's face after each reaction.
  8. Why does she look like that?! She always looks so delicate but here she looks weird as hell. Bad pose. Bad photo.
  9. ^^^^^ Keep up the good work, sis. BUT you are incapable of shitting on anyone's head here because none of us give a flying fuck about this subject. At least not like you do. LOL
  10. .... are some of the people here so fucking stupid that they cannot even grasp the idea that people do not give a shit about higher entities or Holy books. Get over it. Simply because you don't believe in God, it does not mean you are automatically a stupid asshole. But I hope Track just keeps on going on her rampage. I am so happy she went against her original comment about this thread not being "for her". This shit is HILARIOUS.
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