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well it looks like she is still bigger than candice, so if she lost more weight she'd probably look like her.


So maybe she isn't that skinny....or as always any time adriana is next to the other angels she looks twice as big as she really is. So maybe at this years vsfs she will still look like the "curvy" one lol

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She looked wonderful for me, I think her body is great! We used to see her bit curvier and it's obvious that this year she lost weight, but she is not like Alessandra, who is so skinny and it makes her face looks bit old and skinny too, Adriana looks perfect! Her face is amazing, I think she'll look great :) But if I was at her place I wouldn't work anything until vsfs :x It scares me, I'm afraid if her body will be like Doutzen's....

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^I think they are cool/friendly/civil with each other but aren't all that close or besties or whatever.


Just look at the difference in body language. Candice and Adriana are close but aren't all that touchy feely while Candice and Karlie look more like BFFs.


Candice with Adri



Candice with Karlie


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I still think candice is more close to people who aren't her competition lol.


She's extra friendly with karlie, alessandra, behati all day.


But with miranda and adriana there is a guard put up. She isn't as touchy and with adriana her poses become extra exaggerated. Like during the 2011 swim party. Even here with karlie she looks more genuine but with adriana, she is actually posing. Just reminds me alot of 2011 swim party, it was like a competition between the two of who can look hotter lol. I remember seeing the video of them posing for it and every pose adriana did candice did, every time adriana switched it up so did she lol. But I don't think anything too bad goes on between them. like "i can't stand that girl" or anything just competition

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^ Do you really think that they are going to be honest about who they like and who they don't? Heck I dislike Candice a lot, but if it was part of my job kissing her ass in interviews I would do it too ... Rosie herself admitted that all the girls don't get along but they have to play nice in public. 


Here are HQ's anyways 


post-18831-0-1446076890-70777_thumb.jpg post-18831-0-1446076892-45773_thumb.jpg post-18831-0-1446076892-47988_thumb.jpg th_4b5fa3275416520.jpg/monthly_09_2013/post-18831-0-1446076892-5287_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3563170" alt="post-18831-0-1446076892-5287_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="71.63"> post-18831-0-1446076892-58877_thumb.jpg post-18831-0-1446076892-61729_thumb.jpg th_37c535275416738.jpg/monthly_09_2013/post-18831-0-1446076892-64015_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3563195" alt="post-18831-0-1446076892-64015_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="67.47"> post-18831-0-1446076892-66381_thumb.jpg post-18831-0-1446076892-69954_thumb.jpgpost-18831-0-1446076892-73764_thumb.jpg post-18831-0-1446076892-77606_thumb.jpg post-18831-0-1446076892-83166_thumb.jpg 273c63275417787.jpg

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