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On 3/13/2018 at 1:48 PM, Sophie20 said:

Never saw these people...it is not her family... Friends maybe?


I have. When she went there for Christmas, alot of the same people were there. That was my first time seeing them. If you go on some of their profiles that posted photos of her from when she visited for Christmas.


That photo with metin makes me laugh because its so obvious how hard he is trying to be seen. Look at his body posture compared to everyone else, he is leaning so far over lol

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Thread Cleaned :thumbs_up:


1. Everyone is entitled to their opinions if it is expressed in a construction and reasonable manner that does not involve attacking or bashing. This also means it's ok if there are differences of opinions. We are all allowed to have our opinions and this includes negative ones. Adriana is human like the rest of us and she is far from perfect. Not all opinions about her or her associates will be positive.


2. Extensive discussions about Adriana should be discussed in this thread: https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/63955-general-discussion/?page=1. Personal discussions & conversations should be discussed via PM or outside of BZ.


3. I cannot believe I would even need to address this b/c I thought something like this goes without as it is human decency and common courtesy. Telling a fellow member (or anyone for that matter) they are "a piece of shit," " Useless Member of Society," " if I were you I’d quit breathing... " or anything along those lines is never ok. No amount of anger or frustration merits for anyone to say that to another person especially over "trivial" topics. Remember, although you can't always control how you feel but you could always control your actions & behaviors.


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