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  1. So beatiful!!!! I love this photo.
  2. ^ I'm not going to quote what you wrote because it's long but thanks for explaining. I guess them saying that about adriana is not surprising if they question whether or not Rihanna and Beyonce are black. 🙄 But that is incredibly stupid. Adriana doesn't identify as black obviously, and their calling her white is one thing even though it's incorrect and ridiculous. But to question whether black women are actually black because they have lighter skin and "white" features. 🙄 Ignorant. I do love though that she pops up in the most random threads because people immediately reference he
  3. Does anyone on here go on lipstick alley? Adriana is definitely very appreciated there and I would say the comments are overwhelmingly positive. But can someone explain why there are so many comments on there by people intent on branding Adriana as a white woman? There are quite a few of those comments on that forum.
  4. You do also have the option of ignoring a comment so as to not bring further attention to it. What is the purpose of furthering a point that you see unnecessary in the first place by ensuring 5 more posts on the board about that very topic? I agree that there doesn't seem to be an objective reason to bring up Balmain's line. Don't see why it's necessary to even engage if you truly think someone is making constant comments in bad faith. If you don't address the comment, the talking point is more likely to die down, and you won't contribute to there being several more posts about the unnecessary
  5. I don't know anything about him other than that he dated Taylor swift 🤮 But he looks good next to adriana, maybe it's just the height. Not advocating anything but just saying.
  6. Do you guys think adriana posts these herself or that her team does? I am pretty sure adriana does but I want to believe it's not her and that it's her team because they are so so corny and they really do make me cringe. Girl!!! You are almost 40 😅😭😭😭 please stop!!! This is the kind of thing that I would expect like a 15 year old white girl from a middle class suburb in Michigan to have in her instagram bio. I can't.
  7. Yeah you're right I just saw her recent stories and she is in Cairo. Really curious what work she's there for and can't wait to see it. I didn't know that Higgins photo was from last year! I feel like a lot of the business meetings adriana does give her a lot of energy in the short term, but I don't think we've really seen anything come from them so far. Other than maybe the reality show she did? I think with the whole acting thing she seems to work on her English skills on and off. Then again maybe she consistently works on improving but doesn't post about it all the time. I don'
  8. Also what stemmed from the business meeting she had with Higgins from shark tank? I think that was back in September so it hasn't been that long but it seems like she's been contemplating making a move. I feel like she's had a few of these meetings throughout the year though and nothing that we can see has come from them yet. Is she still considering acting?
  9. Could it be an old picture that she's just sharing? I think she would have probably mentioned that but just wondering because the only thing I've seen referencing Egypt is the story she posted on ig. If she's there though, twice in one year! Lucky.
  10. I think the point is that she didn't seem beaten up over what happened with Emir and in comparison to how she responds to most of her break ups, it seemed pretty inconsequential. She didn't seem to care. Regardless of the way she perceived any of them though she seems to be in a good mental space and is back to showing her personality to the world. Good energy into the new year.
  11. Any idea how long ago this was?
  12. Also, I know that we'll get policed for having the audacity to discuss Adriana's love life (in *her* thread 😅), since that seems to be an arbitrarily enforced rule in Adriana's thread, but I'm going to say what I feel like saying anyway. I'm glad for Adriana. She broke up with Metin and had a brief fling or whatever that was with Emir, nothing wrong with that just having fun. She is kind of doing her own thing and she seems happy and stress free. It's such a contrast from before. I'm sure she'll find someone soon enough and hopefully it'll be someone that does well by her. I'm enj
  13. Laeteita is right though. Those articles claiming to know exact net worth are notoriously unreliable. Let's say for a moment that Adriana's net worth is actually 85M, this doesn't mean that she has 85M sitting in a bank that is saved for her use. We don't have a way to qualify how much of her estimated net worth is actually money she has saved for future spending. I don't think that they meant "someone that lives like her" in a derogatory sense. Probably just meant that she's a celebrity. So sure she makes more in a year than most make in a lifetime but she probably does have expe
  14. No more photos of her from the basketball game?
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