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  1. I wish the palms video was a pure minute and change of *just* adriana. She looked amazing. But I'm excited for her to go to the event.
  2. Adriana's last instagram story about learning to be wary of falling in love too easily / stop falling for people too fast/ not trusting people too quickly. YAAASSSSSS GIRL!!!!! The awakening. I am so here for it. Here's what she reposted for anyone that missed it: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuwBOvNBltB/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1f40ie042rnar She deserves so much better and it seems like she's finally realizing it. 💖
  3. Adriana's looks yesterday...😭 I was speechless. Especially at the VF party. Wow.
  4. All of this social media activity. 😍 let it be here to stay. She looks amazing.
  5. I love this photo of adriana. With all due respect to grace, didn't even see anything other than adriana in the photo.
  6. She looks amazing for Maybeline. Seriously gorgeous!!! Not feeling the make up or editing on the Chopard campaign pictures but I'll take it!
  7. This. Although I have a feeling if it's true they broke up she will be dating someone new before February is over. That's her style. But take some time for yourself girl... I feel like the inability to be alone is what enables her to repeatedly date men that turn out to be scum. I'm so happy she's been so active though. I think we will for sure see her at multiple Oscar parties. Is she supposed to be at the superbowl in Atlanta for an event or anything? She's a sports fan so she might go for the hell of it. Watch her rekindle whatever she and Julian had... Lol I wouldn't be too surprised. Plus he is of course in the superbowl. They had a very on/off thing that seemed quite impulsive. She seemed to be more interested in him than he was in her (I really don't know how that's possible when adriana is adriana) but really it's a possibility. Especially when she might be in a lonely place looking to rebound. You read it here first guys. 😆 but tbh I don't even care. As long as she is moving on from this snake it's got to be a step in the right direction. I think metin unfollowing her is the strongest sign that it's over for good. He would never do that. He loves the attention. He would only do it if they're done past the point of being able to fix things.
  8. I love this one. Both dresses look gorgeous on her.
  9. At this point I've kind of given up hope on it happening because it's a little late to jump into acting but this get up and dress screams bond girl 😍
  10. Adriana is finally starting to look her age a bit. But jesus, stunning as ever and always manages to put everyone else in the frame to shame. Can't wait to see more released from Maybelline this week.
  11. Ah yes she looks great in white. I just want to see her do something other than red lips this time around! I loved her white dress and make up at the Brazil foundation gala in Miami, it was in 2013. She looked amazing! The dress worked so well for her too. Although she might want something slightly classier for an oscar party. I think if I remember right, she wore this dress backwards? I really enjoy when she takes risks in her style. edit: I LOVED her make up for the VS event in the second picture too. Ah she looked amazing at so many VS events! Have to say most of the time they got the make up right on Adriana. Their make up on Adriana in some of the later years of the VS show has not been my favorite, but most of the VS events she did. I've just loved the look.
  12. Yes agreed. Instead of complaining about redundancy, bring up a new topic. If you guys are genuine in your criticisms and not just lurking here to comment on redundancy, then by all means please contribute a different topic. There are a few people that complain about the redundancy that I think are acting in bad faith but I'm sure most of you aren't. So please join the conversation so when you do point out that the metin talk is getting out of hand, it can be taken more constructively. To start ; I'm still extremely eager to see her on the red carpet at Oscar parties. I don't want to hold my breath in respect to her going, but she has gone the last few years and she looked so amazing. I want to see something similar to her 2017 vanity fair look. Golden goddess.
  13. Why are some of you so over zealous about redundancy here? Most of you only post here to point out that you don't like the redundancy. Then don't read the forum? Every attempt is made to discuss projects, events, and other things when possible. Adriana had a pretty slow year last year and in the stretches she didn't, the conversation was about the work she was actually doing. It's literal news when she breaks up and reconciles with Metin. Yes it happens that frequently. The need to police the conversation here comes from some misplaced righteousness over nothing. What's the problem? The redundancy is stopping Adriana fans from visiting this forum? What are you guys trying to protect? Certain members from not feeling annoyed? Skip the comments or block the people that you feel don't discuss anything else. During the VS show and after, this forum was flooded with talk almost strictly about Adriana's work, because it was there to speak about. She's been in hiding and there are dramatic announcements via social media with both of them reversing course. Let people bitch about that if they please. Don't partake if it is so bothersome. Good god it's a public forum. It shouldn't trigger you to the point of being shook about it. As pointed out, there was an attempt to change the conversation. You all came in here and brought it back to Metin. I'm in full agreement that it has become pointless to speak about her relationship and I'm going to make every effort not to. Some people are going to disagree with me. Their posts shouldn't be enough to induce a heart attack and laughably redundant rants about how redundant others are.
  14. On a different note. I love the photos Marko shares of Valentina and Sienna. As Valentina gets older, she's looking more and more like Adriana. She also seems pretty tall for her age. Not too surprising since Marko is about 6'7.
  15. I don't really believe in astrological signs amounting to anything but I will agree that she victimizes herself pretty frequently. I think I said this exact thing like a year ago but really, she's almost 40. She has autonomy. It's just unfortunate that she makes the same mistakes over and over again. We've said it in every which way possible. Her own friends that were practically family said these things to her super early on. And she just cut them off and still doesn't talk to them. She's stubbornly blind on the worst things. I agree though. It has become pointless to care.
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