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    yeah i get being disappointed if you were assuming it was new and she was working. If you are referring to her acting like she was in Greece last summer, that was a whole different situation and was because of the stalker. But other than that, I don't think she is tries to make us think she is somewhere she is not. She doesn't even share sometimes when she is actually in places.
  2. lucyford


    At least she posted it. This has usually been the case, where a lot of feed posts are not from the same day or days. Mainly because she isn't one to try to have that IG model type page. Even when it is new work, most the time we know that the pics were from months ago. So i don't think she needs to add an FYI that the selfie was old cause she was not acting as if she was currently shooting something, she was just sharing the selfie we hadn't seen before.
  3. lucyford


    @laeteita Yes, i thought the same
  4. Adriana is in Tampa for Adrielle's birthday. It was on her friend Tina's story but as I was about to save the video, she deleted it.
  5. @EsraLima https://2021dreams.smirnoff.com/ LOL the styling... agreed it was a mess. They were also at the beach but decided to film that video on a couch that could have been in her backyard?
  6. Yup I realized you have to be on an account where your age is 21+ to see it. I really didn't like that makeup look for that day tho. I think alot of these heavier looks dont fit her as much. They also like straightened her hairline, maybe with makeup idk, and i thought it looked kinda strange.
  7. yeah now we gotta wait to actually see it. But now i see she was posing with an alcoholic beverage in one video posted? sooo maybe not an editorial. but agreed, just glad to see her back
  8. @ekn Thank you for posting. Looks like an editorial. Possibly marie claire based on that one guy working for them?
  9. where did you see that? was she like on someone's story? It just seems too good to be true now lol.
  10. It seemed Adriana wanted to do more hf when she left VS. We saw her back doing editorials during that time. It is prob where she lacks most in her career. But only because her commercial career was that successful. So it is unfortunate when people downplay her supermodel status because she doesn't walk the most shows or doesn't have the big 4 Vogue covers.
  11. @LL04 pass Lika9913 No one I know about at least.
  12. @Light up it is not usual for people to ever talk down about other models here to lift up Adriana. Adriana does not need that, her own career can speak for itself. In this case tho, it is understandable why it happened. Because someone decided to bring down Adriana by comparing her to another model. It was not said for no reason. It isn't like Adriana fans went to another models thread to bring them down. It was the opposite. No reason to call out the person who was defending Adriana on her own thread. I think your comment would have been better suited for the user who came in here to "attack"
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