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  1. @jamiya Yes he’s gone for now. Seems like he will come back tho. This apparently wasn’t his first time going to Miami. He’s still obsessed with her and has a new account to spam her ig comments. There’s no use in blocking when anyone can make a new account
  2. @adamamaI know other models are with CAA but I’m not sure they do anything for modeling. Candice signed with CAA not long ago but she also recently signed with The Lions. Alessandra who is also with CAA is with IMG if I’m not mistaken. I’m not sure what Adriana’s deal with a modeling agency is but she seems to be with Elite Paris. Anyways Adriana since leaving The Society has only done more modeling work than she had in the other last couple years. She got BCBG, MaxMazra, Vogue Spain, Vogue Japan, Numero Russia, and Prive Revaux collab. I definitely don’t think Adriana is wanting to back away from the fashion industry just yet. I assume CAA is more about branding and having her be at more events.
  3. @borg @EsraLima Right I think we can all agree her and her friend pretending to be in Mykonos was for the stalker. There’s no other reason to be pretending that especially during a pandemic. i hadn’t noticed that on his Ig... he’s on Facebook too. He’s still talking about “missing adriana” on there. I was also trying to be cautious in case he read on here by just messaging those who asked about the situation. But then people kept posting her new address and pointing it out.
  4. @Sophie20 Yes I think Adriana’s mansion is being renovated. And so for that she moved to another house temporarily while the other is under construction. I think Adriana has been taking the pandemic seriously. She is not in Greece and never was I’m pretty sure. This whole pandemic we’ve only seen Adriana at home or at the doctor’s once things opened. The only thing that I think she’s done “wrong” in terms of the pandemic is having a birthday party. But at the same time, everything was and is opened.
  5. Nope i don’t think it would be possible for her to go and return that fast when I just saw that Mykonos to Miami is a 16 hour flight direct. They are still pretending like they are in Mykonos looking at her friends story lol
  6. Looks like he lives in Miami. Idk when she met him. But she’s been following him for long time that I remember as well as another Marley. I didn’t realize they were closer friends than I thought until he was on a IG live with the guys from the workouts she was doing. And he said Adriana told him he needed to get back in shape and she got him to do those workouts everyday.
  7. @jamiya Are they even married still? I see no signs of her on his ig and he doesn’t even follow her. Adriana is posting watching music videos. It is almost 4 AM in Mykonos, she’s definitely not there
  8. @borg I think there’s trips she doesn’t post much about. Like last time she went to Mykonos I don’t think we got much other than a couple selfies that I remember. I think the big give away that she’s not in Mykonos is that she posted a throwback in Mykonos when she’s supposed to be there. Yeah he has mental problems. He somehow thinks him and Adriana are in love and in communication. A restraining order makes sense if someone actually does something illegal like breaking in, but I’m not sure he’s done anything illegal and that’s probably why police couldn’t do much more about it. I hope he leaves Adriana alone too. I think when a person like this gets rejected by that person they are obsessed with, they could do bad things.
  9. @borg Yup I agree I don’t think they can do much unless he were trespassing to her property or making threats to her. The best she could probably do was hire private security. The Mykonos trick didn’t seem effective because he didn’t believe it either. Someone had mentioned here that for her to cross Europe borders during this pandemic, she would need to have been on a work trip. It took someone actually going to talk to him for her to get him to leave.
  10. @borg Because this guy was spamming some of Adriana’s fan accounts. And mentioned he got blocked. So I went to his account and saw he was in Miami. I had seen his account before and his delusional comments about Adriana. And was concerned about him because I figured the only reason he would be in Miami was Adriana. So I DMd Adriana’s friend Debbie to let her know about this obsessive guy. At this point tho Adriana already knew that he was there tho cause he showed up to her gate. Debbie asked me to DM this guy a bit for info. He told me Rohan Marley went to talk to him yesterday. And I 100% believe that because Rohan was following the guy for like a day. None of this was from the news. What I know came from Debbie or him. And yes it is the guy you think. I also don’t believe Adriana is in Mykonos. I think it was all to try to get him to leave and stop looking for her.
  11. @Miss Bathory Well he can’t comment anymore cause she blocked him. But if you ever read Adriana’s comments, you would always see him spamming her there. Anyways she blocked him so he showed up to find her in Miami. He went to her Indian Creek home gates and the guards were on the phone with Adriana talking to her about this guy (I guess he didn’t know she was at her other home). He got arrested at one point because he was by Adriana’s friends house but I guess he wasn’t charged. He left yesterday though after Adriana’s friend (Rohan Marley) went to go talk to this guy and tell him Adriana was scared and not interested.
  12. Everything’s pretty much open again. Although we are worse than when all this started. People are appaearing to forget there’s a pandemic. I see a lot of people not wearing masks anymore. Cases only keep increasing tho with Florida/Miami being one of the worst now
  13. {name}


    @laeteita From Mykonos 2016
  14. @Miss Bathory Adriana has a delusional stalker that is now in Miami. He has been giving even Adriana’s friend a hard time. He tried to join Adriana’s gym too. If Adriana is just going to vacation to Greece, I wouldn’t even blame her for trying to get away. I even started to think maybe she’s not even in Mykonos and it was to hope the stalker would leave her alone. I just saw she posted an old pic from Mykonos lol
  15. @nhlovesadri I get you were just giving an idea. But i agree the point of doing it virtually was to avoid traveling and practice social distancing. I hope she’s working because she shouldn’t be vacationing just yet
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