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Taylor Hill


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I always thought it's weird that they started dating when she was a teenager.  It seems her parents didn't had a problem with it.

And with Romee and Laurens? Wasn't she 14? Well he isn't 10 years older then her...and It works for them.

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5 hours ago, Clauds said:


Yeah and the fashion industry ain't helping at all by having 16 years old in bridal gowns, these girls should be modeling prom dresses, not wedding dresses that's creepy as fuck and it just helps perpetuate an image that is very wrong of extremely young brides being cool.


Tbh the entire fashion industry is gross but that's for a completely different thread :ninja:

But these same girls are modeling evening gowns and RTW during fashion weeks. Fashion houses hire these girls because they ARE grown women or at least they look the part. It has nothing to do with romanticizing the idea of a16 y/o bride. 

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38 minutes ago, elfstone said:

Fashion houses hire these girls because they ARE grown women or at least they look the part.


To be fair, most of the time, they don't. It widely known that models are being pushed to lose weight because it makes clothes "flow" better on a runway. What's particularly sad is that girls like Taylor are pushed to lose weight and then a celebrity like Jennifer Lopez comes and wears the same dress on a red carpet and gets praise from the same designers. Karl Lagerfeld loved Jennifer Lopez but if a model showed to a casting with Lopez's body he would've called her fat. He was known as a "fat shamer".

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20 hours ago, elfstone said:

Yeah Taylor dated that guy for six or seven years. There was no element of coercion or gaslighting that I know of, so good for her I guess.  I am sure it was worth it for her while it lasted, you could tell she really loved him

Yeah I don’t believe this. I mean she may not have felt like there was any issues especially with her parents seemingly on board and Jim Jordan probably encouraged it. But they met when she was 15 and you can’t tell me there wasn’t any grooming involved in that relationship. 

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